Photo Diary by Tomoyuki Ueno

Tomoyuki Ueno

Tomoyuki Ueno

“I come from Kobe, Japan and now live in Berlin. For 2 years and 7 months I’ve not been to Japan and not met my family.

16 years ago, there also was a big earthquake in Kobe. My father was a police officer and 20 min after the earthquake he went to the office and didn’t come back home for 2 months. He really had worked a lot and finally became a director. 3 years ago he got retired from his job, but now my brother is a police officer. When he got married, he said that, our father had always been his hero and he wanted to become a police officer too, since he was a child.

The photos are japanese gardens, ceremony (the sixth anniversary of my grand parent’s death, and also gala day for girls of three years old), cities, my parents, my brother and his family, it’s them I love.”

© Tomoyuki Ueno

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