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Daniela Trinkl

“The creative process makes it possible to express ideas in a non-verbal way and translate them into the universal language of art.”

Ausstellungsansicht laulan laulun, AURA Kunstraum, Sibylle Czichon, 2022 Credits Foto Jana Buch

Sibylle Czichon

“I chose painting because it feels completely natural to me. When I paint, I feel like a fish in the water.”


“Aequilibrium” is the evocative title chosen by Magda von Hanau for this year’s artistic convergence at Salon Meiselberg. This term, rooted in Latin, reflects an enduring aspiration for balance, harmony, and equilibrium, themes that have fascinated humanity since ancient times. The title opens a broad spectrum of interpretations, inviting reflections on existence, the cosmic axis, and the intricate dynamics between artists, their creations, and the observers.

Louisa Kaftan

“I do have forms and Ideas in mind when I start something but it often doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would.”

© Miriam Hamann_On the measure of the Earth, 2022, photo credit Jakob Dietrich

Miriam Hamann

“The world has come together to find solutions for the big political issues and climate crisis we are facing now.”

Alexander Scharf : TRIBÜNI : 2021 : Alexander Scharf

Alexander Scharf

“Don‘t you dare reconsider our precious consolation in sharing the exhaustion of wooing the emerging”

Alexander Scharf : BE MY BABY : 2021 : Alexander Scharf

Chrisél Attewell

“I have always been drawn to those moments of escape where I could freely dream up different worlds”


Horst und Edeltraut Gallery is an innovative artist-driven platform for acquiring new artworks and collectible artist collaborations. By partnering with some of today’s most up coming contemporary artists, we ensure a steady stream of fresh, desirable pieces that are worth adding to any collection. Our mission is to bridge the gap between contemporary artists and collectors, providing access to unique and limited-edition works that resonate with modern aesthetics and cultural trends. Find out more about our current collaboration with artist Ionuț Vancea.


From June 13-16 Basel fair brings the international artworld together, features over 200 leading galleries and more than 4,000 artists from five continents.


17.05. to 03.11.24: Marianna Simnett’s WINNER is a multichannel film installation, conceived as a three-act dance for film told through the lens of football.

Galerie Max Hetzler

Opening Friday, 7 June: Eddie Martinez You think that you know but you know that you don’t a solo exhibition of new works at Galerie Max Hetzler Goethestraße 2/3.

Daniel Nicolaevsky

“More important than my career is having fun while I’m building it. I haven’t chosen to be an artist to suffer from this choice.”

Ruscha Voormann

“The last creation I finished is always my favorite because it shows where I am standing right now.”

Anna Zimmermann, Cherrys grow underwater, 2022 acrylic on heavy cotton canvas 170x140cm in sustainable natural solid wood floater frame

Anna Zimmermann

“If I try to repeat something that I liked for work, it will turn out differently, and become a different process.”

Madlin Bentlage

“I had to work a lot on myself and let go of known patterns to understand who I am, what I want to do, and how to feel myself.”

Anna Nero

“When I paint, I find that perfect moment when my hands and my eyes, “think” for me and my brain starts to think in images, colors, and brush strokes rather than words.”

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