“Aequilibrium” A group exhibition at Meiselberg Castle curated by Gabrielle Berlin June 22, 2024 – June 23, 2024

“Aequilibrium” is the evocative title chosen by Magda von Hanau for this year’s artistic convergence at Salon Meiselberg. This term, rooted in Latin, reflects an enduring aspiration for balance, harmony, and equilibrium, themes that have fascinated humanity since ancient times. The title opens a broad spectrum of interpretations, inviting reflections on existence, the cosmic axis, and the intricate dynamics between artists, their creations, and the observers.

This year’s exhibition showcases the works of seven diverse artists, each exploring the principle of existence and the boundaries of human nature in unique ways. These artists span multiple generations—from the 1950s to nearly the 1990s—and come from varied cultural backgrounds. Their distinct approaches and techniques, molded by different languages and perspectives, provide a rich tapestry of artistic expression.

The exhibition intentionally eschews political, historical, religious, and scientific contexts, focusing instead on universal themes such as time, space, and the creative process. The essence of human existence and the physicality of our bodies serve as unifying threads, intertwining the seemingly disparate artistic expressions into a cohesive narrative centered around perception and observation.

Schloss Meiselberg, situated in the culturally rich region of Kärnten in southern Austria, provides a historically significant and inspiring backdrop for the exhibition. With a heritage that includes Celtic and Roman influences, and a history of serving as a retreat for creative minds during the Imperial and Royal era, the venue itself embodies a tangible form of “Aequilibrium.”

“Aequilibrium – Ways of Seeing” is an invitation to explore the intricate balance within art and perception. It is an exhibition that celebrates the diversity of artistic expression while seeking a common thread through the universal quest for harmony. https://salonmeiselberg.com/


Marseille, August 31 – September 3, 2023

As a key event and gateway for galleries to European art fairs, Art-o-rama offers a unique and demanding selection of emerging local and international art scenes. More than 60 galleries and publishers will be featured in this 17th edition in Marseille and online with the Immaterial Salon, celebrating a brand new section dedicated to contemporary design, and a special programme of screenings and conversations will be proposed for free access during the Art Fair. At the centre of a beautiful excitement, Art-o-rama offers each year the panorama of an unequalled cultural heritage, an immersion in the leading artistic places of the wider southern region, from Monaco to Montpellier, passing through Arles, Hyères, Nice and of course Marseille. Text & Information: ART-O-RAMA

Amalia Valdés at Galerie Seippel

Cologne, 2nd September until 7th October

“Mientras Dormían” is the third solo exhibition of Chilean artist Amalia Valdés at Galerie Seippel. In it, the works presented are made with different materials and techniques, in which pure forms are intertwined with sacred symbols, revealing the artist’s attachment to objects or symbols that have different spiritual aspects: “I am attracted by the behavior of materials and how, through them, I can explore my interest in rites and myths of different cultures and geographies. 

The exhibition is a milestone in a period of research that started three years ago, which includes works on cork, metal, and clay, as well as drawing and painting. “Mientras Dormían” is a tribute to the creative diversity of human beings, it is also a tribute to infinity and the constellations, to the earth and its material property, to the original Latin American peoples, and to time, that scarce and often unmanageable resource. “Time allows us to understand, value, and appreciate. During the pandemic it became palpable, then I became a mother, and I was able to recognize its scarcity, its duration, its waiting. With this work I pay special homage to creative mothers and to my daughters Nina and Anni, thanking them for that precious time, While They Were Sleeping”, concludes the artist. galerie-seippel.de

LE RÉSEREVOIR – 13th September, Sète

Marion Sagon

For the exhibition Color Block and after more than 3 months of residency, Le Réservoir is showcasing the latest series of paintings and limited editions as well as a mural specially conceived for the gallery space attributed to the artist.

Marion Sagon’s practice consists in the production of digital drawings whose source is our real world. Far from being pure artistic inventions, her work is composed of architecture she photographs and images of existing landscapes collected on the Internet. She thus creates new worlds, oscillating between utopian and dystopian vision and in which nature and human constructions are intertwined in a perfect balance. Once finalized, the result of her research is pictorialised with the purpose of reproducing in the most similar manner the act of the machine…info

Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Yana Bachynska 11.08. – 03.09.2023

The Pantheon of Fleeing Spirits is a narrative conveyed through sculpture and text, aiming to foster mutual understanding and interconnectedness by exploring the immigrant and refugee experience. Rooted in the journey of displacement, it delves into the significance of clothing as the last vestige of protection amidst the loss of home. The walls of an apartment, a city, a country fade into the background, leaving only one’s clothing as a protective shell. Within the fabric, personal histories endure, undergoing transformation through acts of cutting, resewing, mixing, and enriching with commentary. The fenceful nature is lost, textile leftovers are mixed with words, and they become an icon. Yana Bachynska speaks about himself but through him, the voices of others who have experienced something similar resonate. bethanien.de

Kölnischer Kunstverein

Marie Angeletti ram spin cram 1.4.–2.7.2023, Hahnenstrasse 6, 50667 Cologne

For her first institutional show in Germany, ram spin cram, Marie Angeletti (*1984) is presenting newly commissioned works across the entire building of the Kölnischer Kunstverein. Decisively articulated, each element — sculpture, photography, and video — receives equal attention. ram spin cram does not begin in the main gallery nor ends in the last room upstairs, it is all there at once. Each room can be read as a series of actions accumulated over time. The main gallery shows work made within the last two months. In the cinema, in the upstairs and basement gallery spaces, Angeletti has rearranged works from an unspecified period of time. Text & Info: koelnischerkunstverein.de

Kunstmuseum Basel

Shirley Jaffe Form as Experiment, NEUBAU / 25.03.–30.07.2023

Born in New Jersey in 1923 as Shirley Sternstein, in 1949, the artist, now Mrs Jaffe, moved to Paris. Following her short marriage to the journalist Irving Jaffe, the painter decided to remain in France. Having soon established herself in the city, she held regular contact with the American “art expats” Norman Bluhm, Sam Francis, and Joan Mitchell, who all relocated to Paris. Her work dating from this period may be attributed to Abstract Expressionism, a form that sought to draw exclusively from its own resources and which consisted primarily of wildly applied fields of color and gestures.(…) The Kunstmuseum Basel Collection has recently acquired a significant group of works from the artist’s oeuvre. One further reason for rediscovering Shirley Jaffe’s evocative painting and for celebrating this revelation by staging this exceptional and wide-ranging special exhibition. The exhibition was realised in close collaboration with the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Musée Matisse in Nice. Info: kunstmuseumbasel.ch

RELIEF with Amalia Valdés

Exhibition February 25 – March 25, 2023 B-Part Am Gleisdreieck

Relief can be located between sculpture and painting. Created from a surface or a body, it stands out plastically from the background, figurative or abstract-ornamental. The group exhibition RELIEF at “B-Part Exhibition” shows various current groups of works with reliefs, which show references to architecture, to the urban, to spatial concepts, but which also refer to each other through the material and form used. The play of light and shadow as well as apparent movements in the works, generated by their own change of position in the exhibition space, allow the relief to emerge as a contemporary form of artistic expression. Through the serial presentation, through the interplay of the works, RELIEF explores new definitions of the genre, distinguishing itself from sculpture or expanding it…info: loop-raum.de/

EMOP Berlin

European Month of Photography 2 – March 31, 2023

In 2023, EMOP Berlin celebrates its tenth edition with 100 exhibitions in Berlin and Potsdam. The anniversary leitmotif is TOUCH. In keeping with this motto, the festival brings together a range of photography communities from Germany, Europe, and the world, offering visitors a chance to acquaint themselves – whether at talks and panel discussions during the Opening Days or during guided tours and exhibitions across the city – with the incredibly diverse uses and manifestations of photography as a medium. For more information visit the EMOP Website

Tage der offenen Ateliers in der PLATFORM und Gruppenausstellung der Atelierkünstler*innen scenes never rest

Knapp 40 Künstler*innen verschiedenster Disziplinen aus der PLATFORM öffnen am Samstag und Sonntag, den 26. und 27. November 2022 für Gäste ihre Ateliertüren. Unter dem Dach der  Kistlerhofstraße 70  bieten sich in der Ausstellungshalle und den Studios interessierten Besucher*innen ein exklusiver Einblick in die Wirkungsstätten und die künstlerische Arbeit der bildenden Künstler*innen sowie ein spannender Austausch mit Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden. Parallel zu den Open Studios eröffnet am 26. November in der Halle der PLATFORM die Gruppenausstellung scenes never rest, kuratiert von Constanze Metzel und Romana Stehling. Info



From September 2 to September 4, fifty galleries will show the year’s exhibition highlights. With the start of the art season in the fall—jointly organized by galleries from Düsseldorf and Cologne—the Rhineland will again become the center for current art events. By its eleventh year, the DC Open had already adopted an esteemed program of curator and collector tours in Germany and abroad. For more information visit the DC Open Website here

Ruttkowski;68, Thomas Wachholz

Keep the fire burning 24.06.2022 – 31.07.2022

Thomas Wachholz presents his second solo exhibition Keep the fire burning at Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne. Wachholz’s works are inspired and influenced by the style, form and precision of industrially manufactured everyday objects, explicitly the matchbox. As an object of everyday use, the product cannot be reduced to its function; as a carrier of emotion, it is inscribed with a meaning of individual memory, nostalgic collection and personal reference (…)”find out more: ruttkowski68.com


OFFICE IMPART, 10. Juni – 16. Juli 2022

Pola Sieverdings artistic work usually consists of photo series and films in which she illuminates traditional views of cultural structures or motives from a different angle. What is particularly fascinating in her works is her compositional approach, in which her photographs refer to references in art history (…)Info & text officeimpart.com

düsseldorf photo+ Biennale for Visual and Sonic Media: 13. Mai – 19. Juni 2022

“Critical and aesthetic thinking with photographic images and media art – this is what düsseldorf photo+ as the Biennale for Visual and Sonic Media 2022 promises, with over 50 exhibitions, panels, lectures, and workshops at selected venues in Düsseldorf. Following the launch in 2020, the range of venues will once again span the city, from galleries, off-spaces, cinemas, theatres, museums, and foundations to the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, offering a targeted foray into the current photography scene(…)” duesseldorfphotoplus.de/en

Galerie Werner Klein: Rozbeh Asmani Neue Arbeiten – 07. Mai bis 25. Juni 2022

“Rozbeh Asmani dringt bei seinen Recherchen immer tiefer in die Welt der vom Europäischen Patentamt anerkannten Farb-, Bild-, Duft-, Form- und Wortmarken ein. Was alles juristisch der exklusiven Nutzung zugesprochen wird, verwundert und erschreckt gleichermaßen. Gerade von Firmen beanspruchte Farben, die Asmani in seiner Werkgruppe Colourmarks bearbeitet, haben sich bereits tief ins kollektive Gedächtnis eingeprägt wie Lila für Milka, Magenta für die Telekom oder das Aral Blau (…)” weiterführender Text und Informationen zur Ausstellung: galeriewernerklein.de

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Dialoge im Wandel, Fotografien aus The Walther Collection K21: 9.4. — 25.9.2022

“Wie spiegeln sich historische und kulturelle Transformationsprozesse im Medium der Fotografie? Mit mehr als 500 fotografischen Werken aus Afrika, seiner Diaspora und Europa zeichnet die umfangreiche Gruppenausstellung die Entwicklung der Fotografie als eine Geschichte transnationaler Parallelen und Widersprüche nach(…)” Info: kunstsammlung.de/exhibitions



28 APRIL 2022 – 4 DECEMBER 2022 

„Piña, Why is the Sky Blue? is an affirming techno-feminist vision of a future in which ancestral knowledge and new technologies converge. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a video/virtual-reality installation (2021) of the same title, a speculative documentary that narrates the story of a spiritual medium known as Piña.(…)“ Info: jsc.art/exhibitions


The fourth edition of Art Düsseldorf will take place from 8 to 10 April, 2022 in the halls of Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf. As a fair for the most significant developments in contemporary art and the latest trends in the art market, Art Düsseldorf benefits from the top-class collector community of North Rhine-Westphalia and neighboring European countries. For more information visit art-dus.de

Benedikt Leonhardt: Pale Blue Dot

09. April – 21. Mai 2022

Sonderöffnungszeiten zum Rundgang der Spinnerei Galerien am 30. April / 01. Mai 2022

Benedikt Leonhardt (*1984 in Leipzig) lebt und arbeitet in Leipzig. Er hat Malerei an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig studiert und 2014 als Meisterschüler bei Prof. Astrid Klein abgeschlossen. Seine Arbeiten wurden u.a. in der Ausstellung „Jetzt! Junge Malerei in Deutschland“, im Kunstmuseum Bonn, Kunstsammlung Chemnitz/Museum Gunzenhauser, Museum Wiesbaden (2019) und in den Deichtorhallen in Hamburg (2020) sowie dem Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig (2022) ausgestellt. Er wurde 2017 mit dem LVZ Kunstpreis ausgezeichnet, begleitet von einer Einzelausstellung im Museum der bildenden Künste (MdbK), Leipzig. Info: aspngalerie.de



Die haubrok foundation lädt ein zur Finissage der Ausstellung luft von Judith Hopf in der FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, wo sie seit einigen Jahren ihr Atelier betreibt. Neben der Ausstellung von Judith Hopf werden weitere Arbeiten folgender Künstlerinnen und Künstler auf dem Gelände zu sehen sein – manche davon vorerst zum letzten mal: Darren Bader, Cosima von Bonin, Martin Boyce, Sophie Macpherson, Jonathan Monk, Simon Mullan, Stephen Prina, Christopher Roth, Karin Sander, Andreas Slominski, Michel Würthle, David Zink Yi -> FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Herzbergstraße 40–43, 10365 Berlin

NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT

NfTNeTArT – group show with Kim Asendorf, LaTurbo Avedon, Sarah Friend, LIA, Jonas Lund, Rhea Myers, Rafaël Rozendaal, Cornelia Sollfrank, Harm van den Dorpel 19 February – 12 March 2022 | Wednesday – Saturday, 3–7 p.m. | Opening on Saturday, 19 February from 5 to 11 p.m. More Info: panke.gallery

SAVE THE DATE! ART COLOGNE takes place from 17-21 November 2021

As the oldest art fair in the world, ART COLOGNE is the most important industry meeting point for galleries and institutions in Germany and has been an occasion for generations of art collectors to discover, collect, exchange ideas and establish new contacts. For more information visit artcologne.com

FUTURE PAST PERFECT Opening Thursday 16.9.2021

The exhibition FUTURE PAST PERFECT includes works by 10 artists who break the boundaries of the exhibition space with site-specific interventions, sculptural fragments and performances (…) Starting from the now in the here, artistic intentions are released and the ordinary is strained in the context of contemporary discourses. FUTURE PAST PERFECT invalidates the condition of the present and creates new rights to exist: Tomorrow the future will had already left the building. Works by: Emma Adler, Merle Dammhayn, Lena Marie Emrich, Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård, Ada van Hoorebeke, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Florian Neufeldt, Felix Oehmann, Fabian Anselm Orasch, Martin Remus. Text and Info: SPOILER ZONE

FUTURE PAST PERFECT Opening Thursday 16.9.2021

The exhibition FUTURE PAST PERFECT includes works by 10 artists who break the boundaries of the exhibition space with site-specific interventions, sculptural fragments and performances (…) Starting from the now in the here, artistic intentions are released and the ordinary is strained in the context of contemporary discourses. FUTURE PAST PERFECT invalidates the condition of the present and creates new rights to exist: Tomorrow the future will had already left the building. Works by: Emma Adler, Merle Dammhayn, Lena Marie Emrich, Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougård, Ada van Hoorebeke, Daniela Macé-Rossiter, Florian Neufeldt, Felix Oehmann, Fabian Anselm Orasch, Martin Remus. Text and Info: SPOILER ZONE

Martin Boyce: recurring dreams, 1.5. 3.9.2021 FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin

Im Zuge der langen nacht der Bilder in Lichtenberg lädt die haubrok foundation zur Finissage der Ausstellung recurring dreams von Martin Boyce in die FAHRBEREITSCHAFT ein. Gleichzeitig wird erstmalig ein neuer dunkler Raum von ihm gezeigt. Weitere Informationen hier: haubrok foundation


Galleries will open their exhibitions Friday through Sunday, June 18 – 20, from 12 noon to 7 pm daily. The Gallery Weekend shows are still on view, and they are joined by a number of new exhibitions as well.

For more info visit GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN

res natura – Über die Verdinglichung der Natur

Gruppenausstellung mit Alice von Alten, Hubert Hasler, Peter Hoiß, Matthias Krinzinger, Bastian Schwind kuratiert von Michaela Obermair. Unser Bild von der Natur wird vom Verstand und unserer Wahrnehmung geleitet. Dabei werden wir von medialen, gesellschaftlichen und kapitalistischen Einflüssen geprägt. Wird die Natur zum Ding, zu einem Objekt? Verkennen wir die Ganzheitlichkeit, die für uns Lebensgrundlage ist? 1.–15.6.2021 Do–Fr 15–19 Uhr, Sa–So 11–16 Uhr HASSMANN & liebfrau, Lange Gasse 2/6, 1080 Wien -> Infos hier


Chosen galleries each present a select work of art until 4 June, 2021. If you haven’t registered yet, register now for the Art Cologne Online Sales: https://galerieplattform.de/home. Have a look around, discover your favourites in the Modern & Post War, Contemporary Art and Emerging Art sections and establish contact with the offering galleries if desired. Galerieplattform_DE is being realised in the context of NEUSTART KULTUR (rescue and future programme for the cultural sector) with the support of the Minister of State for Culture and the Media (BKM).


Chosen galleries each present a select work of art until 4 June, 2021. If you haven’t registered yet, register now for the Art Cologne Online Sales: https://galerieplattform.de/home. Have a look around, discover your favourites in the Modern & Post War, Contemporary Art and Emerging Art sections and establish contact with the offering galleries if desired. Galerieplattform_DE is being realised in the context of NEUSTART KULTUR (rescue and future programme for the cultural sector) with the support of the Minister of State for Culture and the Media (BKM).


In times of lockdowns where institutions and museums stay closed, but galleries remain open, galleries take on the responsibility of keeping the discussion and dialogue open in order to remain a place of culture. If Yesterday Was tomorrow What Is Today presents positions with notes on contemplation in Minimalism, Neo Expressionism, Drawing and figurative Painting. (…) If Yesterday Was tomorrow What Is Today presents a generation of artists (Paula Baader) who grew up with the internet, in a constant state of ecological crisis and debate about immigration. The themes are centered on the scenarios of solitude, phobia, of desire and radical doubt in the artist’s studio. On historical acts of displacement and trauma, opposed with the potency of isolation and of inherent instability in interconnected worlds, we see the need for new ways to construct visual archives and emphasize the contemporary production and documentation of today. Text & more info

November 27 – December 20, 2020, the Curve Pop-Up

Cut, paste, create: While Collage was conceived in the early 1900s, it seems to be the perfect form of expression for the twenty-first century, with all its juxtapositions and eclecticism and strange bedfellows. THE AGE OF COLLAGE 3 SHOW showcases a new crop of artistic vanguards advancing the medium’s possibilities, piece-by-piece. Equipped with a craft knife, paintbrush, stylus, scissors, or tablet, a collage artist’s toolkit is as varied as their creations. From the poignant and provocative to the comic and curious, THE AGE OF COLLAGE 3 SHOW exhibits artworks by 25 artists featured in the eponymous book published by gestalten. Text & more info

Bees by Julia Kaiser 

„I’m excited to update you on my new project in progress: Bees. Not only they are extremely beautiful, fuzzy animals with amazing stripes, but also they are super crucial for our food supply and sadly enough threatened to disappear soon if we don’t make an effort to improve their habitat. That is why I got so fascinated with these hairy creatures. As a painter but also as a human beeing. I want to show their beauty and stress out their vulnerability.“ Interview with Julia Kaiser & more Infos

ART COLOGNE, 18 to 22 November 2020

The updated exhibitor list for the 54th edition of ART COLOGNE, which has been rescheduled to 18 to 22 November 2020 this year, encompasses 151 galleries from 25 countries and thus offers a broad field of participants oriented to quality and diversity. Ten renowned new exhibitors round off the final list. These include Art:Concept, Paris, Campoli Presti, London/Paris, Carlier Gebauer, Berlin, ChertLüdde, Berlin, Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Luxembourg + Co, London/New York, Mayoral, Barcelona, neugerriemschneider, Berlin, Plan-B, Berlin/Cluj, as well as Thomas Schulte, Berlin…info & tickets

‘Loops and Echoes’ 09.10. – 25.10.2020

An echo is the reflection of a sound wave and is perceptible as a discrete phenomenon independent of the original. As with any copy, the content repeats, changes, and is lost. Due to aberrations that only seem like mistakes, the replica becomes a new original, over and over again. ‘Loops and Echoes’ combines the work of eight art photographers who explore the subject of repetition in abstract, concrete, poetic, and humorous ways. Eva Dittrich, Vanessa Enriquez, Saskia Groneberg, Mika Schwarz, Claus Georg Stabe, Lisa Tiemann, Hayahisa Tomiyasu and Dorothee Waldenmaier all take an inquisitive look at the world. They archive, select, fragment, and manipulate their material in a quest to discover new parallels – between microcosm and macrocosm, ephemeral and the infinite, error and system. Text & more Info

PARALLEL VIENNA takes place for the eighth time in Vienna from 22th to 27th September 2020 and sticks to its approach of using temporarily vacant buildings as a presentation platform for contemporary art. This year PARALLEL VIENNA takes place in a former WKO office building at RUDOLF-SALLINGER-PLATZ 1, 1030 Vienna. PARALLEL VIENNA presents young and emerging as well as established artistic practices and brings together art initiatives of every kind – art associations, galleries, project spaces, off spaces and artist spaces – , both Austrian and international, all under one roof. It thus combines local artistic creation with international trends and contributes to building networks and fosters exchanges between between artists, curators, collectors and exhibition visitors (…) Artists: Francesca Aldegani, Alice von Alten, Hanna Burkart, Christina Gruber, Nadine Hirschauer, Benjamin Meixl, Irene Reichert


Kunsthalle Bremerhaven, 19.09. – 01.11. 2020, A GROUPSHOW CURATED BY FORT. So manche künstlerische Fragestellung, Motive und Aspekte tauchen in der Kunst wie bei einzelnen Künstler*innen immer wieder auf. Manchmal ist das gewollt, ja direkt angestrebt, manchmal vielleicht auch ungewollt, unterschwellig, wie ein Muster oder eine Handschrift. Zu den Kennzeichen in den Werken, Aktionen und Ausstellungen des Künstlerinnenduos FORT gehören Aspekte wie Zwillingsmotive oder Zwischenräume, unscharfe Übergangssituationen oder schwebende Gleichwertigkeiten. Invitation to Love ist das erste Ausstellungprojekt, bei dem FORT als Kuratorinnenteam fungiert und von befreundeten und bekannten Künstler*innen eine subjektive Auswahl von Werken zusammenführt. Der Ausstellungstitel spielt auf eine Fernsehserie gleichen Namens an. Eine Seifenoper, die ihrerseits innerhalb der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Twin Peaks von David Lynch lief, die zu Beginn der 1990er Jahre Kultstatus erlangte. A show within a show, in der, ganz nach Vorliebe der Künstlerinnen, Zwillinge eine Hauptrolle spielen (…)Text & Info Die beteiligten KünstlerInnen sind Emma Adler, Yesim Akdeniz, Katja Aufleger, Jennifer Bennett, Christoph Blawert, FORT, Max Frisinger, Anna Grath, Christian Haake, Anna Jandt, Sebastian Jefford, Horst Müller, Niclas Riepshoff, Max Schaffer, Norbert Schwontkowski, I-Chieh Tsai und Markus Zimmermann.

Upcoming exhibitions with Thomas Trum:

Kunsthal light #23  – Repeating Ramp September 12 – January 10, 2021 Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Cubed September 10 – October 11, 2020 The Hole, New York – Featuring: Andreas Angelidakis, Clinton King, Irina Ojovan, Jean Nagai, Jonny Niesche, Kristine Moran, Lilah Rose, Luke Diiorio, Palma Blank, Rebecca Ward, Robert Moreland, and Thomas Trum

Mind the Gap! Zwischen bekannten und neuen Räumen, 6 September 2020 – 11 April 2021, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt – Featuring: Jan van der Ploeg, Marleen Sleeuwits, Esther Stocker, Erika Hock, Annegret Bleisteiner, Marco Casentini, Jacob Dahlgren, Vanessa Henn, Katharina Hinsberg, Markus Krug, Karim Noureldin more info: www.thomastrum.nl

paper positions berlin, 10 – 13 September 2020, Tempelhof Airport Hangar 3-4

From 10 – 13 September 2020, during the Berlin Art Week, paper positions berlin presents international exhibitors with outstanding artistic positions from contemporary and modern art with the focus on drawings and the material paper at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 3-4. paper positions berlin wants this special genre to be focused on. The galleries and their artists are given a presentation opportunity, which is dedicated to the subject of drawing and the medium of paper with all its specific features, its fragility and its enormous versatility. In the spirit of its fair concept, which refrains from classic booths and is completely tailor-made for the most sensitive exhibits, paper positions berlin deliberately focuses on a salon-like situation. The limited number of exhibitors also underlines the character of a large theme-based exhibition. The spatial design offers an open overview as well as the possibility to directly approach individual artistic works and to perceive them in a mutual dialogue. Must see: The Curve will be showing works by Anthony Gerace, Diane Meyer and Guy Vording at booth #B05 hangar 4!