Picture 25

Yes, it’s that time of the year again: London’s over, over, over arty week! Whether a banker, a socialite, an artist or a student everyone’s big question is: “to frieze or not to frieze?”. Well,  judging by the queue outside the tent it looks like they all went for the first option… Amongst the crowd we even spotted Elle McPherson and bumped into Knight Landesman, publisher of Art Forum, who (dressed head to toe in yellow) was happy to hear that #Horst und Edeltraut is still up and running.

© Cosima Bucarelli

The last couple of days have been particularly inspiring… Yes, because at the end of the day that’s the greatest thing about art fairs, they inspire! Or at least they should…

Coming down to it, all artfairs are the same: An enormous amount of booths with more and less known galleries, exhibiting more or less known artists. One painting, photograph, installation next to the other, colours, lights, mirrors, plastic, red, blue, green. The themes are often recurring, the colors and techniques, too. Occasionally something stands out. Then you’ve got the people. They have blue hair, red hair, blond hair, pink coats, red trousers, boots, hats… Bam, bam, bam, waaaa an overflow of information! So, in the end what does it mean to say that an art fair was “good” or “bad”? Isn’t the more appropriate question “was it dull or was it inspiring”? Well, one definitely knows something was right when you feel like you’ve just experienced some kind of explosion.. and Frieze is most certainly a big one!


by Cosima Bucarelli