“Herewith, the first entry for the # Horst und Edeltraut Japan Special.

Thinking of my previous and hopefully not last trip to Japan, fine memories come back into my mind. It was such an interesting and impressive journey, that I have problems to select only ten reminding and typical photographs. Three friends and I were keen to explore the whole country, but the ten days we had tightened our trip extremely and our prime focus lay on Tokyo and Kyoto.

Instead of writing a whole story on Japan, I would like to show you some special photographs that depict different places and stories. Each photo uncovers impressions and moments that I highly value.”

Feel free to send # Horst und Edeltraut your photo diary of Japan. We will be publishing a Japan Special photo-diary  by amateurs and photographers every few days, in order to raise the general attention to Japan’s suffering situation at the moment. We thank everybody who has contributed so far, and would like to encourage everyone else to follow. Email your photos to info@horstundedeltraut.com

Please find more on my Japan photography on my blog 


Gabrielle Berlin