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At Bally in Rome, It Takes Two To Tango


…It takes eighty to tangle. At Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome the Swiss brand Bally’s creative directors Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz (former Aquascutum) hosted an exclusive dinner for the presentation of a special collection dedicated to art called  “Love”. The collection was created in partnership with Swiss-artist Philippe Decrauzat and was launched at Art Basel Miami a few weeks ago.

Whether belonging to high society, to art or to fashion every cool “kid” in town was amongst the invitees and from Giancarlo Giammetti to Delfina Delletrez each generation had it’s representatives. The placement was elegantly handled with a number to fish at the entrance which unluckily resulted in a line of 10 ladies followed by one of 8 men on one side of table.  Nonetheless the well designed setting, the delicious food and the unique blend of people made this an enjoyable fashion party, very unlikely for Rome. A shame not many actually saw the Love collection which was on exhibition in a little very black and white side room.

What we really Loved? The improvised give away which everyone picked up in the kitchen on they’re way out… a collection of 6 semi-dirty plates (we had just eaten from), each with different words of love… It Takes Two To Tango!

by Cosima Bucarelli