Fragile. Colorful. Conceptual. Laura.

Laura Wolfsteiner Cover

Illustrator Laura Wolfsteiner


Laura Wolfsteiner

Artist / Author / Illustrator



© Wiener Wörter, Hau di über die Häuser, Laura Wolfsteiner

“I love to analyze things precisely.”

Who are you? What do you do?

I am an artist from Austria and my artistic work focuses on language, signs and translation.

Where are you from?

Vienna / Austria

Your style in 3 words?
fragile / Colorful / conceptual


© Wiener Wörter, Krotschlucken, Laura Wolfsteiner

Your weakness? Your strength?


What makes you different?

I guess the way I look at things, how i try to look through them and behind them and their meaning. I love to analyze things precisely.

When did you decide to become an artist?

When I was 13 and a friends mum taught me on how to look at things to draw them.


© Wiener Wörter,Heiße Eislutscher, Laura Wolfsteiner

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

when you thing about something and it feels like a momentary glimpse on something very confusing, but the more you work on it, an idea forms, and later it makes sense and every detail of it falls into place and suddenly it seems to be a completely natural and easy process.

A few words about your favourite creation?

Wiener Wörter – a series of postcards, illustrating austrian dialect literally. It started during my studies as a small project, but became my main business.
Although I never thought of it to turn out this way, I still love it, because it is funny, colorful and amuses people.


© Wiener Wörter, Laura Wolfsteiner

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…
Ryan McGinley’s photographs

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

I am very interested in nature, wild plants and weeds as well as traditional manufacturing methods, so my next project will combine typical elements from Austrias surrounding and local methods of manufacturing, handcrafts and products.


© Translation of a Room, Laura Wolfsteiner

Do you have a vision?

Getting old and still work on things I like.

2017: Where are we going?
Currently I’m working on a new Postcard book (Wiener Wörter Nr°3), it will be published in autumn hopefully. For 2017 I would like to go back to analogue drawing techniques and writing, because I kind of lost track on that in the past 2 years.


© Translation of a Room, Laura Wolfsteiner

Your city’s favourite spots?

To drink: Einhorn / Wunderbar / Espresso
To eat: Roter Bär / Gastwirtschaft Schilling / das Wetter

Because it is down to earth and opposite of my flat: Gasthaus Brandstetter 1170
Breakfast: Augustin
Shop: Die Sellerie
Galleries: Just stroll through Schleifmühlgasse


© Lemniskate, Laura Wolfsteiner

Tell us about your future plans…

I would like to have my own Bar/Restaurant, so that’s a plan, but until now it hasn’t become very specific, so we will see…