© Sonja Litichevskaya, Photo Svenja Trierscheid

“I belong to perestroika children, because I was born during this epoch.”


Sonja Litichevskaya 


fashion designer


© Sonja Litichevskaya

Who are you? What do you do?

I am Sonja Litichevskaya and I am a fashion designer

Where are you from?

Born and spent childhood in Moscow, grew up in Berlin

Your style in 3 words?

colorful, graphic, street wear

© Sonja Litichevskaya, Photo Svenja Trierscheid

Your weakness? Your strength?

Let’s begin with some good things – my strength is definitely in my patience, I am an unbelievably patient person. And it has helped me out in various life situations, especially during the process of design, if I really want something, it is really very difficult to put me off of doing it. I am a perfectionist, it also can be my weakness. And I have no doubts about myself and my work.

What makes you different?

My different cultural traditions (Moscow and Berlin), my artistic background (grew up in the artists family) and a search for own creative identity – my origin is in the Russian culture, for which constructivism is the most famous “brand”, I belong to “perestroika children”, because I was born during this epoch.

© Sonja Litichevskaya, Photo Svenja Trierscheid

When did you decide to become an designer?

When I was around 12 years old, I was already determined to become a fashion designer. I always wanted to do something in the arts, but something more practical and more tactile than free arts, that is why I’ve chosen the profession of designer.

What do you find most fascinating about your work?

That through synthesis of two epochs (constructivism and perestroika) with symbolics of the Russian avant-garde of the 20s and the wild 80s an innovative style is created, which although seems to be recognizable. Experience of the great avant-garde movement and autonomous subculture of perestroika have an enormous influence on contemporary culture.

That’ s why it is so important to create clothes which are at the same time comfortable and striking, which transfer the inner world of the person who wears it to the outside, attracting everybody’s attention. Especially during the time of free information flow countermovement becomes very important, with its demand of deepness and meaning. Fashion labels are created, which go over the mass level and hopefully will be having gradually a stronger influence on mass taste.

© Sonja Litichevskaya, Photo Svenja Trierscheid

 A few words about your favorite creation?

In my works I do not have any definite favorites, that’s why it concerns the whole collection – I am fond of colors, different materials mixture (leather, wool, etc.), and I especially like prints. Prints play their own games with garments, like pleats getting divided during movement. A plane is suddenly transferred into graphic figure.

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

I like Henrik Vibskov’s creations – Vibskov’s oeuvre spans a wild and extraordinary range of music, exhibitions and artistic performances, making each runway show completely unique and undoubtedly captivating.

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© Sonja Litichevskaya

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

 I am working on a new collection at the moment, developing ideas of my previous work. The new collection will be more simple in comparison with the previous one – will have less prints an will be wearable.

Do you have a vision?

Refurbish old revolution spirit, with its simple, but strong aesthetic into own system, especially in the new world, where everything moves too fast and political instability rules.

2017: Where are we going? 

I cannot say it at the moment…there is a lot of exciting things in summer, the rest must simply happen.

© Sonja Litichevskaya, Photo Svenja Trierscheid

Your city’s favorite spots?

Gallery Johann König belongs to my favorite galleries, its location in an old church is spectacular. „Do you read me“ provides a big choice of design, art books and magazines…At Father Carpenter you get the best coffee. I almost don’t go to the clubs, I like the bars, where you can dance, like in Farbfernseher.

Tell us about your future plans…

I continue to create my own things, but I would also like to get experience at the big fashion labels.

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