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 Horst und Edeltraut are a couple of original east Berliners. As the world’s creative spirits invade the streets they once walked through, changing the city into a place where ‘too-cool-for-school’ is rule, they remain the last examples of a species in extinction. Back in 2009, we decided to name the magazine after them, to homage what was left of that ‘extra ordinary’ Berlin before it progressively evolved into the epicentre of Europe’s creative scene, before it became the base of every modern nomad and the hometown of our magazine.

Johanna Pauen came to Berlin to become a design management student. Besides her studies, she was soon involved in other undertakings such as co-founding # Horst und Edeltraut and work as a communications Manager for Clients from the energy, banking and insurance sector such as commercial enterprises and cultural institutions. As editor in chief of # Horst und Edeltraut, she is responsible for the editorial content as well as the creative work.

Cosima Bucarelli earned an Art and Design Foundation degree in London and continued her studies in Berlin, attracted by the city’s underground creative scene. Her passion for art and culture, combined with experiences publishing, PR and events, have been vital for the magazine’s existence ever since she co-founded it. In 2015 Cosima left her position as editor in chief to pursue her own artistic aspirations, follow her here.