Jonathan van Doornum

Well-connected, rich in form.

Creating a sculpture for me is like walking an unknown path. The key to this process is to be free at any time to turn and walk a different path.

Pleun van Dijk

“Everything keeps on changing and I love to investigate those transitions and turn them into future speculations.”

Stephan Dybus

Content versus style.

We will be old and babbling about cars and drug prohibition and plastic and binary genders and all the things from the past and nobody will give a damn.

Veronika Simmering, vacation 2021print on acrylic glass 150 x 150cm

Veronika Simmering

 I love creating art and aesthetic experiences, which can barely be described by logic.

Wouter le Duc

“I believe nobody chooses anything. It’s already within you, you just have to find it. And when you find it, it makes perfect sense.”

Riccarda Raabe

Message From My Younger Self

My favorite creations are the drawings my kids make. I strive every day to be as honest and careless as them in my work and I hope they can hang on to this attitude for as long as possible.

Rebeka Rácz

A detail on the street, a sentence online or a face of a person can bring me inspiration.

Ivana de Vivanco

I’ll love to work on projects with people that make me see things from other perspectives.

Created around the world, published in berlin.