Comi and Tanimi

Nationality: Japanese/ City: Tokyo and NYC

Who are you? What do you do?

We’re the designers of M.Y.B.O.

Your style in 3 words?

C: Street. Mode. Mat. T: Simple, No simple, Comfortable. Your weakness? Your strength? C: Weakness – color. Strength – black and white. T: Weakness – curved lines. Strength – no border. What makes you different? C: I don’t know!! T: When I see unique construction I get really excited.

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

C: Mixed up in my brain. Mix mix mix. I’m going to get many eyes. T: Making something NEW of course. I think my creative process is mostly inspired by unique constructions. That’s why I love to see construction fields. LoL.

When did you decide to become an designer?

C: About 5 years ago. T: When I was 23. I quit my job and decided to move to New York because I was interested in what was happening in music, film and culture outside Japan since elementary school.

A few words about your favourite creation?

C: Word, word, word. T: Anything by Rightline jewelry! Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you? C: Some Art. Some music. Some Fashion. Some Movie. Some People. Some Places… My favorite are M.I.A.and Basquiat. T: M.I.A. she is GOD.

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

C: We just opened our first shop in Tokyo at Laforet in Harajyuku. We are also working on a lot of new stuff and I want to visit another country soon. T: Our shop… I’m very excited to show our designs to people directly! And, in the future I’d like to try and create a construction.

Do you have a vision?

C: I’m not sure but I think I do. T: I really would love to work with cool creators from outside of Japan!

Anything disturbing your vision?

C: Many things.

Where are we going?

C: I don’t know but “up”. More exciting. T: To be new what I never had.

Anything else?

C: M.Y.O.B = Mind Your Own Business

Your favorite spots in Tokyo?

C: It’s a funny town, I know a lot of good spots but let me know if you come to Tokyo and I’ll show you around.

by Cosima Bucarelli