© Artist Jayson Musson a.k.a Hennesy Yougman

Sometimes, during a blue moment or on a day when the world seems, oh so dull, instead of reaching for a magic pill we click on a special little link in our bookmark bar which says Art Thoughtz… and tadaaaa welcome to the world of Hennesy Youngman! Now, one may or may not have heared of artist Jayson Musson a.k.a Hennesy Yougman a.k.a the pimp of the one-liners, yet but once you’ve read this we are sure you’ll spread the word. Youngman’s area of expertise goes from how to be successful as an artist to various art-history topics such as Bruce Nauman and Louise Bourgeois. His most controversial video is a funny and rather politically incorrect discourse on How To Be a Successful Black Artist. Although the character of Youngman is an outsider to the art-world, this gentlemen is an art expert, as well as a rap master and stand-up comedian… thus a perfect Youtube-star.

“In the end, I guess I’m just a nigga that loves rap, and digs fine art. But did I go to art school? That’s a silly question. Why would I do that when everything anybody could ever want to find out about any type of art is on the Internet? I’d rather pay Comcast $60/month than some school 20k–30k a year. I will admit though that I got a few friends that have gone to art school, and from time to time I “borrow” some of their theory readings and they never seem to notice that they’re missing. I guess those readings don’t have much bearing at their restaurant jobs.” Jayson Musson a.k.a Hennesy Yougman in an interview with Brian Boucher (

Have a look for yourself and maybe you’ll understand what we mean…

CLICK here for one of our favorites on Louise Bourgeois.

by Cosima Bucarelli