Start up: Panagea Sculpture Central

On pages 148-151 we interview the entrepreneurs behind five different start-ups in fashion, art and design in Europe and the US. The Panagea Sculpture Central, an innovative hub for sculptors in London by Sam Zealey and Lucy Tomlins, is one of them and this is the continuation of their interview:

Is this start-up your only/main job?

For both of us, our focus is 50:50 on our own sculptural practice and on establishing a sculpture centre in London that provides workshop facilities, exhibition opportunities, community and critical debate.

What’s the USP of your business?

A space that supports the next generation of leading contemporary sculptors. This is a place run by sculptors for sculptors.

How many hours a day do you work approximately?

SZ: 12 hours LT: 12 hours

What is your weakness?

SZ: Spelling LT: Obsessiveness

What is your strength?

SZ: Problem solving  LT: Multi-tasking

What makes you different?

SZ: My vision as a sculptor and my intentions for humanity.  LT: I don’t just talk about it, I do it.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

SZ: A general within the Royal Marine Commando.  LT: A jet fighter pilot.

Thank you!

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