On pages 148-161 we interview the entrepreneurs behind five different start-ups in fashion, art and design in Europe and the US. Contrvct, a unique online fashion label where you can upload your prints and create made-to-measure clothing by Mary Huang and Jenna Fiezel, is one of them and this is the continuation of his interview:

What is your USP (continued)?

And further down the line, people can sell their designs through CONSTRVCT and earn a commission.

It’s the appeal of having something truly personal as well as the appeal of being able to publish a fashion collection with the same immediacy as writing a tweet.

„Crisis, crisis, crisis“ – it’s all people are talking about… do you care?

Not at all.

How much of your success do you owe to “hard work”, how much to “luck”?

90% to 10%. There has been a lot of hard work! Luck doesn’t get you very far without the hard work.

Is this start-up your only/main job?


How many hours a day do you work approximately?


Your style in three words?

Unique, future, forward

What is your weakness?

Too many ideas and perhaps trying to do everything at once.

Complete the sentence „More important than my career…“

… are my friends and family who understand who I am.

Thank you!

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