When money does not matter!

SONY DSC © ArtBarter

SONY DSC © ArtBarter

Yes, Art Barter did it again…

We featured the Berlin event at .HBC in our print issue and this year it’s time for the spaniards to guess and swap! Why guess? Because the displayed artworks are simply numbered while the creator remains undisclosed. Why swap? Because no money is involved… In fact anything you own or anything you can exchange could be the artist’s lucky pick. The “winner” as well as the name of the artist will be revealed at the end of the show.

Art Barter opened on the 9th of June at C Arte C, Campus Univesidad Complutense (Av. Juan de Herrera, 2) in Madrid. Give it a shot if you happen to be in the city, the exhibition will be running until the 15th of June.

Featured Artists: Antonio Ballester Moreno – Miquel Barceló – Sandra Blancaranda- Rómulo Celdrán -Lolita Calvillo – Bernat Daviu -Angela de la Cruz – Cecilia de Val – Rai Escalé – Pablo Genovés – Boris Hoppek – Richard Hudson – Abigail Lazkoz – Ouka Leele – Juanjo López Cediel – Javier Mariscal – Enrique Marty – Eugenio Merino – Nano4814 – Mar Prat – Jorge Peris – Neve Rivera – Sae – SAN -Sergi Serra Mir -SpY -Mike Swaney – Eulàlia Valldosera -Xanu -Juan Zamora. (Fotos: courtesy of Art Barter)

Big plans for 2011… always bartering inspiring works by emerging and established artists, you will find Art Barter at: July – Art Barter Sculpture Garden – Rooftop of Shoreditch House/ Dec – Art Barter Miami – To coincide with Art Basel

By Cosima Bucarelli