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What on earth are you wearing?

We really never get tired of saying „Stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy!“ and this marvelous book totally goes along our lines!

What on earth are you wearing? A Michipedia of Fashion (Penguin, 2010) is a witty encyclopedia for the modern fashionista by Michi Girl. The Author’s Blog informs readers around the world about „Fashion,  fun things to do, beautiful pictures, book reviews, misguided advice, fashion, food, recipes and oh, did I mention fashion?“ from the heart of sunny Australia since 2002. What on earth are you wearing? is a companion to Michi’s first book Like I give a Frock (2008). It contains a glossary of her unique point of view on fashion and most wonderful illustrations by Kat Macleod .

It’s silly and sophisticated at the same time… Funny and fabulous at once!

by Cosima Bucarelli