The tuscan-born Marco Barotti escapes Italy after four years of Jazz-academy in Siena to go and explore the world. With no money he makes his way to Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Porto and Vienna before landing in good old Berlin…

It’s love! Here he starts an exciting life between parties and music, drumming for the city’s bands until he founds The Barotti Island. It will dramtically end with an incident at Fusion Festival that almost costs the musician his life. But this is no end to a fairy tale is it?

“Klingt wie Italien, schmeckt nach Berlin und riecht nach Ärger.” – It sounds like Italy, tastes like Berlin and smells like trouble…. One afternoon in X-berg Barotti creates (Ma che) Dolce Vita. The italian-disco song has captivating sound and lyrics. Sony/Columbia puts the artist, now going by the name of Vesto Caino, under contract and releases the hit in september… The rest is history!

What a sweet life? Bitter- sweet may be more appropriate! Love and inferno, orgies and destruction, Dolce Vita is wild, sarcastic and provocative…  Filmed by Malakoff Kowalski the music video conveys exactly this mood and is a homage to the french-italian movie La grande bouffe. Watch the video.

by Cosima Bucarelli