Ultra Temporary Vintage Store

Please give a warm welcome to Ultra Temporary Vintage store! After the successful first edition, the Ultra Temporary Vintage store is back. An idea of Studio Travel, that will be presented in Villa Valianito, Rome.

There you will find the coolest temporarily store with a selection of ultra vintage clothing and accessories at prices ultra competitive selected in Canada, Usa, and Europe by Daniela Luciani.

In addition, there will be the new S/S collection by Studio Arturo,including the presentation of their new print, Sgorbie Hot, as well as the cornerAlpacha Distro with the best independent national and international publications. Powered by Zero magazine, on the terrace, long drinks and comfortable chairs.

Have a look of the first edition!

Vernissage + DJ Set

via romanello da forlì, 25, ROMA

1st April h 12.00

By Ingrid Melano