Trieste Scontrosa Grazia

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Angelo Bucarelli is probably one of the oldest emerging artist you will find! After a life-time carrier in art as a designer and writer, as a curator, promoter, consultant and what not he decided that it was time to unleash his inner artist. So it happened, that about four years ago Angelo or BUC as he is often called, started projecting words, sculpting objects, taking photographs, painting letters in a continuos research to develop his language. His works were immediately a success.

Angelo Bucarelli’s latest exhibition “Trieste Scontrosa Grazia” opened last weekend outside of Trieste in the Bunker of the beautiful Castle of Duino. At the Vernissage anyone suffering from claustrophobia, as well as most of the ladies, had a bit of a hard time entering the Bunker due to uneven grounds, low ceilings and high heels… Even more, the impact of the exhibition was breath-taking! Bucarelli’s beautiful and vibrant sculptures, all inspired by the history of Trieste, added to the enigmatic surrounding served for an incredible atmosphere.

You can have your own little art-work, too. On the last picture you can see a special edition necklace created especially for the exhibition. Do you love it? Contact Angelo Bucarelli’s studio at and order your own.

The exhibition “Trieste Scontrosa Grazia” is ongoing until June 27th 2011 at Castello di Duino, 34013  Duino, Trieste, Italy. Tel 040 208120