L.G.R. managed to introduce yet another pair of shades one can’t but love. Somehow they make us think of our grannies in the 80s or of a nutty professor working in his laboratory… However, the special edition shooting frames La Polverosa (a beautiful place in Maremma, Tuscany) were originally created for all you hunters out there. Match them with your hunting attire, your skiing outfit or wear them to the next post-atomic party. Whatever the purpose they will sharpen your vision, prevent objects from flying into your eyes and make you look simply super cool, ja!

La Polverosa Special Edition Shooting Frames come in 5 colors and are available (from december) at Astrologo (Rome), Marc Le Bihan (Paris), Poul Stig (Copenhagen), 36 Opticians (London), The Counter (Dubai) and, obviously, in La Polverosa.

by Cosima Bucarelli