At first, on the 27th of March at the centre of KW in Augustrasse 69, stood a perfect pyramid. That was then, now on the 17th of April, only a couple of weeks later not only does this installation look different but also the space and the exhibition’s sensory experience have entirely transformed. Where once was calmness, there now is chaos! Robbers looking for treasures? Acts of pure vandalism? Nothing of the kind… This composition by Berlin-based frenchman Cyprien Gaillard was constructed for destruction! Viewers are not merely asked to interact with the art-work, they become an indispensable part for the process of creating it.

The pyramid is made of 72,000 “Efes” beer bottles which were imported from Turkey to underline the displacement of architectural bodies to Berlin from their place of origin. The monument’s displacement leads to a loss or removal of parts of it and makes one re-interpret the meaning of it. The choice of using alcohol bottles is not coincidental: “Along the lines of the gradual destruction of the sculpture the alcohol gradually dispels and destroys both body and mind. The physical hangover is also an architectural one, from which one has to recover.”

Interestingly enough Gaillard’s installation has attracted very different kind of visitors. Additionally to the usual exhibition-goers, in the room we observed groups of youngsters and randomers happily sipping the free alcohol and unleashing their joy for destruction.. probably just enjoying the possibility of accessing the sometime so stiff and unaccessible art-world.

Cyprien Gaillard – The Recovery of Discovery

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

by Cosima Bucarelli