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The first feature film of director and producer Carlo Lavagna is the result of a long journey; from a child-hood dream, into the lives of the many intersex people he has met and interviewed around the world, to the story of Arianna, who founded of the first Italian intersex association (AISIA) and gives the name to the main character and movie.
Set in Rome and Tuscany, Arianna shows the world through the eyes of a nineteen year old who believes to be a girl until one day long lost memories start emerging, followed by haunting questions… What is that scar in her groin area? Why do her breasts ache but her period not show? And what about the sharp pain during sex? A visit to the gynecologist reveals her parents long-kept secret. Arianna is affected by androgen insensitivity syndrome, a condition that prevents the masculinization of male genitalia in the developing fetus, thus chromosomally speaking she was XY.

Getting curious? The shooting of Arianna is scheduled for spring… But as we all know funding a debut feature film is no easy task, so support the project by making a donation on:

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by Cosima Bucarelli