This weeks best buy: Apple Pie, Sexy Sweater (? Euro).

The winter is approaching and the sexy summer outfits are disappearing into to the upper shelves of our cupboards. What to wear at this point? Something soft, big, comfortable. Something that works with jeans or even better with warm leggings. Most importantly, something to cover up the kilos we’ve been piling on… Isn’t the most appropriate solution an absolutely Sexy Sweater?!

Shame they are not for sale quite yet, “we hope to start selling some of these in the future, but nothing’s been decided” say the creators. I have a feeling quite a few people around you will not be to happy about this new style-pick anyways, unless they have an absurdly bad taste. Nevertheless it could be fun, right? So, don’t cry if you really can’t live without one, now that you’ve discovered it. Order your virtual sweater with whichever image you prefer… Submit your picture here so Alec and Greta can create your own custom made Sexy Sweater.

This pick is just right for the launch of our 3rd print issue on Destruction, coming out in a couple of weeks!

By Cosima Bucarelli