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PopSchau – the contemporary video magazine is a new platform that allows you to stay on top of contemporary culture providing an overview of what video content the leading magazines and blogs are publishing about each week. #Horst und Edeltraut managed to get hold of the three men behind it.


Photo by Severin Spengler

What exactly is PopSchau?

The Contemporary Video Magazine PopSchau provides you with an overview of what video content, the leading blogs and magazines are posting each week. You can watch the best contemporary videos in our weekly 3-minute news shows or customize your own TV channel from genres such as Film, Fashion, Art, Tech and Architecture.

 Who, what, where are you? 

We are Ferdinand Prinz, Vito Leccese and Vincent O.

Ferdi is a recent University of Arts London graduate who is striving for the next digital revolution. Inspired from previous experiences at various creative ventures and companies, he is responsible for PopSchau’s innovational approach and look.

50%. 50% German-Italian Vito spent the last years in Los Angeles, where he studied Communication at Loyola Marymount University. So, he is in charge of PopSchau’s media coverage. Born and raised in Cologne he obviously got a big passion for soccer and art.

Vincent studied International Business and is the Marketing Pro behind PopSchau. He always had a great interest in film and thus lives out his passion with this new platform.

How did it all start?

(Ferdi) While trying out different tools for my previous blog “Kleine Wundertüte” (BlogWatch: Issue 3), I perceived an ever-increasing availability of high quality video content online. The idea of creating monthly visual summaries around arts & culture came up. After further researching the expansion of digital video in my graduate thesis, Vincent and Vito joined me for the development and we finally found PopSchau.

Your Style in 3 Words

Snoopy, Colorful & Dynamic

Who is your main target group?

(Vito) Well, it is for everyone who doesn’t want to waste any more time browsing endlessly through websites and videos trying to find something worth watching.

 How do you think about colors and its combinations?

(Vito) Sometimes I have the impression that colors are underestimated even though their harmony unconsciously influences in our lives.

How did you come up with the name of PopSchau?

The expression was coined by the famous German daily news show “tagesschau”.

It is the German translation for Pop show.

What makes you different?

A good sense for aesthetics and zeitgeist.

Who or what inspires you the most and why?

(Ferdi) Maultaschen

(Vito) The mix of California and South Cologne

(Vincent) A coffee in the morning

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

(Ferdi) Spike Jonze – because he has a wonderfully unique mind

(Vito) Uli Hoeneß and Alighiero Boetti

Which artist(s) or creative(s) do you tip for big things in the near future?

(Ferdi) to my mind the first and only blog with real good films.

(Vito) Analia Saban an LA based artist and a friend of mine.

What keeps you up at night?

(Ferdi) Videos and Movies

(Vito) Electronic Music

(Vincent) A good idea

…And where can we find you at the weekends?

While Vito is scouting young soccer players, you can find Ferdi and Vincent out to have a few drinks, for sure.

…Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

(Vincent) There are a lot of possibilities. Online Video is growing to an enormous extent, especially due to higher internet rates and the emphasis on mobile. Hence we would like to be part of that development, engage in video productions ourselves and allow the user to watch PopSchau anywhere.

Anything coming up soon?

We are starting an interview series soon. But our current focus is to optimize our customization options.

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 PopSchau Online

 Watch the PopSchau Trailer here

by Gabrielle Berlin