Pierre Le-Tan at 18 Folgate Street, E1


Last night #Horst und Edeltraut were kindly invited to the mysterious Dennis Severs House in London, where an exhibition of drawings by Pierre Le-Tan was held.

an exhibition in an exhibition.

The Dennis Severs House normally is a place to visit for its own extraordinary experience. It houses an enormous collection of household goods, pots and pans and many other decorative items that give the house, its cosy atmosphere. Lit by only candles and fire places, the house as itself is dark and silent , one barely dares to speak out loud, but one does not feel alone, as one keeps finding half emptied glasses, half eaten food on the tables, it looks like someone has just left the room, before we entered. The windows are mostly covered to prevent the view into the modern world.

“5 Floors of Art” mentioned an astonished randomer on the street. and its true.

Within this wonderful setting, we were send on an adventure to discover art works within the work of art on 18 Folgate Street. Watercolour drawings of portraits and interiors by Pierre Le-Tan were situated throughout the house. It was a real treasure hunt to spot every single piece. A guiding price list helped to differentiate between Le-Tan’s works and other assemblages.

Get an experience of the place yourself. If you happen to be in London, get in touch with East of Mayfair to arrange your visit till the 28th April 2012. If you happen to be a lucky member of the Shoreditch House join East of Mayfair tonight for a special tour at the Dennis Severs House.

More Information about Pierre Le-Tan and East of Mayfair below

The Dennis Severs House is a Grade II listed Georgian home located at 18 Folgate Street that was once described by David Hockney as “one of the world’s greatest works of opera”. Originally a silkweavers’ house, it was inhabited by the late Dennis Severs from 1979 to 1999. During this period, he refurbished each of the ten rooms, turning the house into a time capsule of 18th and 19th century London life complete with an invented narrative of its imaginary tenants, the Jervis family. Today the House is owned by the Spitalfieds Trust and run by David Milne and Mick Pedroli. This will be the first ever exhibition to be hosted there.

Pierre Le-Tan (b.1950) works as an illustrator for countless magazines such as Vogue, The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, GQ, Rolling Stone, Vogue Interiors, Wallpaper and collaborates with a wide range of corporate clients including Chanel, Coach, Cartier, Lanvin, Rolex, Gucci, and Kiehl’s. He has also illustrated multiple books and been exhibited internationally, most recently in Monte Carlo.

East of Mayfair is an online destination for art and design shopping founded by Janina Joffe and Alexander Montague-Sparey. The site has been conceived as an artwork in its own right and created in collaboration with Pierre Le-Tan and Thibaud Hérem. It takes the form of a virtual house with six rooms which will be regularly curated with new artworks chosen by the directors.

East of Mayfair works with established and emerging artists to source affordable and beautiful artworks for their clients worldwide.In addition to selling through the online platform, the gallery will be hosting special events and exhibitions in the Spitalfields/Shoreditch area and providing clients with bespoke advisory ser- vices to assist with collection building, installation and curation of any and all artworks at home.

By Gabrielle Berlin