The MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporanea) is in Niteroi, a city facing Rio de Janeiro from opposite the bay of Guanabara. You take a twenty-minute ferry ride from Rio, walk a few miles to find yourself in the future! The Ufo-shaped building was completed in 1996 and designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer . The MAC is set on a cliffside overlooking the beach of Niteroi, the Guanabara Bay and Rio de Janiero’s coast and Sugarloaf mountain. A read slope takes you to the entrance of the Museum, while the entire building just seems to float over the pool that surrounds it’s base.

The building is without any doubt spectacular, the view breath-taking (even on a rainy day), the collection of brazilian contemporary Art is slightly less exciting. It’s definitely worth the trip!


By Cosima Bucarelli