Daniel Spoerri Garden

© Cosima Bucarelli, Il giardino di Daniel Spoerri

Take a walk on the wild side… in Tuscany! In the middle of an untypical landscape when compared to the usually known tuscan sceneries, near the Monte Amiata between fields and densely wooded hills, swiss artist Daniel Spoerri created a 16-hectare sculpture garden. Open to the public since the end of the Nineties, “Il Giardino” (the garden) includes a continuously growing collection of 104 installations and sculptures by the man himself, and the artists he admires, such as Vital, Arman, Tinguely, Aeppeli, and many more (about 50 in total).

On a stormy day of summer we took a long walk through this beautifully enchanted yet mysteriously desolate place, situated somewhere between life and death, nature and culture.

Il Silene di Roberto Rossi
contact: Roberto Rossi
58038 Seggiano (GR)

By Cosima Bucarelli