PhC Capalbiofotografia is a marvellous little photography festival in the heart of Maremma (Tuscany, Italy) founded and curated by Marco Delogu in 2009. On this rainy easter weekend, Associazione Il Frantoio inaugurated the third edition of PhC with the themePersonal Geography”. Nine photographers from Italy and around the world, explore the subject: David Farrell, Pieter Hugo, Pablo Lopez Luz and Guy Tillim, Antonio Biasiucci, Pier Giorgio Branzi, Marco Delogu, Paolo Woods and the duo Gioberto Noro.

‘What have you been photographing here today, Eggleston?’
‘Well I’ve been photographing democratically,’ I replied.
‘But what have you been taking pictures of?’
‘I have been outdoors, nowhere, in nothing.’

(Text from William Eggleston’s afterword in ‘The Democratic Forest’)

“Photography is a privileged medium for defining personal geographies. Indeed, geographies are defined visually and photography is the most direct way of storing these visions. Its task is increasingly that of documenting personal maps, balancing large and small areas, historical and intimate boundaries and sometimes evocations of human presence. The twentieth century saw the completion of the exploration of the world and its topographical mapping, and today many artists and photographers are building a direct relationship with the Earth, elaborating personal geographies. Photography is often the chosen medium for these studies.”

Simultaneously to ‘Personal Geography’, Associazione Il Frantoio will exhibit the works produced by international students during a workshop held in Capalbio by Guy Tillim. Additionally, new this year is a “gallery” concept, where special editions by past and present participants of the festival can be bought. At last but not least, the first cycle of exhibitions of this year’s edition will be “Young Geography”,a collective show of the personal geographies of three teenagers.

PhC Capalbiofotografia 2011 – 23. April to 15. May

Producer: Maria Concetta Monaci, Art Director: Marco Delogu.