Index – Peak into the Archive

Index – Peak into the Archive

After we spent the last week looking only for architecture all around the world, it is now time again to broaden our view and see what our guest authors have to share from the fields of art, architecture, design and literature. Firstly, we will look at Munich’s gallery scene, observed by Antonella Maria Schmidt. Impressed by the exhibition “Olympiapark” at Adam Grimm Gallery, showcasing works by the young and upcoming artist Andreas Chwatal, she gives a comprehensive overview, for those not able to see it as well as some food for thought for those who were.

  ©UrsFischer at MOCA LA from AlexandraReed

Later this week we will head to LA where Alexandra Reed reports from the Urs Fisher exhibition, on display in Venice.

©UrsFischer at MOCA LA from AlexandraReed

Of course, we will also keep you up to date with news from London, where Marissa Bellani will present the second exhibition at Roman Roads Project Space displaying Marc McCullough’s “Actuations “. We are already very excited to see how she transformed this quirky little space this time and furthermore prepared a little surprise for you.

©Olympiapark Gallery Andreas Grimm Munich from Antonella Maria Schmidt

©Mark McCULLOUGH Surface Study 2013.Roman Road Project Space.fromNicolaTree

©Mark McCULLOUGH Surface Study 2013 Roman Road Project Space from Nicola Tree

        ©Mark MCCULLOUGH 2013 Roman Road Project Space from NicolaTree

Moreover, we are curios to find out what Sophie von Maltzahn explores in Frankfurt this week, or from which spot Lavinia Neff will report to us.  Additionally, Katharina Khadjavi will keep us of course informed about Asian and African Art.

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Author/Photos: Friedrich Gräfling/Johanna Stemmler