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A publication can sometimes be just as important for an artist as the exhibition itself, especially in retrospective. Hence we think particularly in times when the print medium is often merely derided and its last days are secretly counted, we took the initiative to talk to the people behind what has become a major publishing houses for the fields of art, architecture, design, fashion and lifestyle books: Christian Boros and Ute Grosenick from Distanz Verlag.

Distanz Verlag was founded in 2010, basically overnight and has since then published several hundred books on contemporary artists, fashion photography, trends and courses of future developments in the respective fields. Boros and Grosenicks love for the content as well as for detail is not only reflected in the publications itself but moreover in artist editions, published alongside an exhibition catalogue or monograph or even in the way the books are delivered, always bearing a little surprise…

As it is common procedures during Indechs Theme Weeks, we will offer some food for thought on the subject of artists publication and point out a couple of other intriguing publishing companies that we think are worth sharing.

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König bibliothek from Candida Höfer

Anselm Reyle - Mystic Silver from Distanz

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So follow Indechs again this week for another exciting interview and join the discussion on publishing houses today!

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