guy fawkes night from Architectural Association

Guy fawkes night ©Architectural Association

After last weeks focus on Berlin only, it is again time to look out for all the new and exciting things happening across the world. We will of course, keep you updated every now and then with exhibition we come across that should not be missed during Gallery Weekend, such as the Platform China Contemporary Art Institute in collaboration with Mindpirates Present, but more on that later this week on Indechs.

Oddyssey from Mindpirates

Oddyssey ©Mindpirates

First of all, we are excited to introduce the revival of the good old book club initiated by the Architectural Association, London, or more precisely the AA Night School.  The AA’s Night School is an on-going speculative project that deals with alternative models of architectural education, aiming at turning the architecture school inside out. The format offers what are usually internal activities to a wide audience beyond the usual students such as professionals, clients, other creative practitioners as well as the general public. Starting this spring, the Night School echoes the Architectural Association’s own origins as an evening school in the 1870’s.

Night School from Architectural Association

Night School ©Architectural Association

Alongside all these traditions, the AA Night School presents the inaugural Book Club, focusing around “Sex, Satire, Psychosis and the City”. Discussions will evolve around texts such as Hello America, JG Ballard — 1981. An expedition to the US rendered uninhabitable by ecological disaster. Los Vegas as mad max neon tropical jungle city or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Phillip K. Dick — 1968. Blade Runner to give some examples. Led by Jack Self, the book club is taking place on six consecutive Tuesday evenings, beginning this week. Registration is obligatory as well as reading the requested material. Further information to follow on Indechs this week…

Furthermore, lets have a look at the Parisian art Scene, following Maria Martinellis stories as well as Sophie von Maltzahn`s reports on Frankfurts cultural scene. Moreover, Marie Christine Molitor will have new intriguing insights form Berlin as we sure still missed a lot last week. Katharina Khadjavi will keep us informed about Asian and African Art and Maximilian van London share some insights on London’s Music Scene. Apart from that we are again excited to find out from where we will receive Lavinia Neff’s impressions on art this time…

Shorts from the vault from mindpirates

Shorts from the vault ©mindpirates

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Author/Photos: Friedrich Gräfling/Johanna Stemmler