Paula and Pedro

Paula and Pedro Rezende are two super stylish siblings living in New York.  We met them a couple of months ago in Manhattan’s lower east side on a sunny roof terrace. Back then they captured our attention with big smiles and positive energy while today they speak about their latest common art project Conosco.

“Conosco is the calm and the storm. An initiative that challenges its audience to look at the art world differently, and challenges itself in the same way.We aim to make you feel, smell, taste, see differently, all in its own time, or perhaps, all at once.”

Where are you from?

Born in Brazil but we grew up in Portugal.

What do you do?

I am a Curator and Pedro is a performing artist.

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

To build strong relationships with the people we work with in order to create an experience that feels authentic and distinctive.

On May 6th you launched the project Conosco, tell us something more about it…

Conosco was born to bring a new life to the art world. We aim to take the spotlight to new forms of expressions by placing them in a context out of where they are usually presented in.

How did you come up with the concept?

We saw a great need for a project that would help the art world come out of the business oriented bubble it has been put in.  Art should be a form of relaxation that helps the public transcend from their normal lives and this is what Conosco is here to offer.

Some words about the first and current Conosco group show?

Conosco group show serves to show that an art  exhibition can go beyond sitting in a perfect room with perfect white walls. The show features works of thirteen emerging artists that invite the public to see differently through their art using a large range of mediums. The space was curated from head to toe to enhance an experience that feels unique and unexpected.

Paula and Pedro
Paula and Pedro
Paula and Pedro

What plans do you have for the future?

Conosco is an international project—we look forwards to finding new  and raw spaces in Europe and Brazil where to organize more events that will be re-invented as we evolve. On a more recent not however, on May 20th we will have a closing for the show featuring performances directed and acted by Pedro to make a stage out of a space pushing it beyong a mere art exhibit.

By Cosima Bucarelli Images © Carolina Pimenta