Our Mag at Sennheiser’s Pop up

# Horst und Edeltraut Issue 5 at Sennheiser’s temporary sound sanctuaries!

Just in time for the holiday season premium audio brand Sennheiser opened a pop-up shop in NYC (11 Kenmare Street) and San Francisco (2277 Mission Street). Until December 28th customers are invited to experience the pleasure of fine sound in a perfectly curated environment. The concept stores feature a melange of sonic and visual elements, interluding between abstracted forms, cityscapes and sound waves. Grey acoustic panels cover the walls to convey a unique visual experience while creating a sonic ‘cocoon’. Escape from the hustle of the all too-well-know Christmas craze to hang out in this urban hub and experience the quality of Sennheiser’s headphones. Placed on illuminated columns which form a ‘sound wave’ of light that reflects the cityscape, the headphones are ready to be plugged into your own devices or play music from curated playlists. Each store features a DJ booth and gaming area, as well as an interactive window installation by Nanika which visualizes the city’s ambient noise (from by passing traffic to customer’s claps).Reconnect, refresh and pick up the latest issue of #Horst und Edeltraut. Stores are open daily 12 – 8 pm until December 28th.


For more info HERE. Photos by Peter Prato for Sennheiser.

by Cosima Bucarelli