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ONE BLOOD by Lucio Salvatore

© Lucio Salvatore

Lucio Salvatore, an artist from Italy, has chosen Brazil as his second home. Always on the go between Europe, NYC and Brazil at last he decided to settle (at least partially) in Rio de Janeiro where he arrived 10 years earlier. Rio is also where Salvatore, who previously studied Economics in Milan, started his career as an artist and photographer by exploring the city’s landscapes and people. As you say, the rest is history! From then on he has been developing his work in many directions. Matter, philosophy and human relations are central themes for his works.

Lucio just closed a big exhibition of portraits and installations at the MUBE in Sao Paolo which was a bloody success! Literally, in fact he is currently working on a project called One Blood. In the artists‘ words „One Blood wants to show the uniqueness of each individual and the necessity of people’s being-together. Being all diferent We are One, made with the same element… blood symbolizes the human body, the necessary condition of our exsitence: the body is not a simply material object, but the path through which the world opens to us because we all bleed Red”. With the blood donated by each person he chooses, Lucio paints bigger-than-life portraits which are sealed between two layers of plexiglas, in this way the blood is preserved in it’s original state and color. Curious to see how it all works we paid him a little visit. The result?!

© Cosima Bucarelli

Looking forward to see the outcome!

All Photos, courtesy of the artist. ♦ ♦ ♦ MUBE

P.S. A very cool post from Lucio Salvatore’s blog on an important day for Rio’s history when special police force assaulted favelas to free them from traffickers and gangsters, in a governmental action against crime!

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By Cosima Bucarelli