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Oliver Proudlock wearing Serge DeNimes

Oliver Proudlock wearing Serge DeNimes

Where are you from?

I am half English, half Swedish. But London born and bread.

What do you do?

I am an artist and fashion designer (Serge DeNimes).

Your style in 3 words?

Laid Back, Comfortable, Urban-Luxe.

What is your weakness?

My indecisiveness.

What is your strength?

My people skills, and I never cut corners.

Something more about your brand?

Serge DeNimes is a contemporary brand, founded in 2011, that promises original, urban t-shirts of the highest quality. Each tee is individually dyed, making every one a distinctive individual piece. The tees are a men’s cut, but we at Serge DeNimes see them very much as unisex, and as you can see through our blog and online store they are worn by both men and women. Our first line is inspired by a series of photographs, taken in 1978 by prominent photographers Lena Proudlock & Douglas Villiers, which focused on the world’s largest and most renowned Carnival, in Rio de Janeiro. Serge DeNimes will be experimenting with denim along with other fabrics, aspiring to be an ever-evolving brand.

How did it all start?

The concept started a year ago. Having just graduated from Newcastle University where I studied Fine Art I decided I wanted to direct my creativity into fashion and create my own clothesline. Since a young age I have always printed my art onto t-shirts for exhibitions and to give my friends a cheaper option to invest in my artworks, and therefore t-shirts for me seemed the perfect and most natural place to start. I feel there is a niche in the market right now for cool, original and affordable t-shirts.

What do you find most fascinating about setting up/ creating something?

It is a very scary but invigorating proccess. Everyday you learn and experience something new, and this is what makes it so exciting and as a result takes you into the unknown. In todays climate it is even harder to start up something new and make it stand out from the crowd, but it is this challenge that makes it so rewarding.

Anything new coming up?

Yes I am going to the factory next week to go over new designs. There will be a Serge Basic line, with the emphasis on the cut and material, as well as some illustrative designs, alongside of some denim accessories.

© Oliver Proudlock. Images courtesy of the designer.

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By Cosima Bucarelli