Where are you from?

I’m an Italian-American from Rome. I’ve lived in many European cities and New York, currently in Berlin.

What do you do?

I direct short movies. I just finished a new one and am trying to get it into festivals. I’m working on a hunting trilogy in different eras, the first one about a falconer set in  medieval times, the second about an elk hunter in the early 1900s and the last one will be about a modern day fisherman.

Your style in 3 words?

I focus on the relation between man and nature in which often the real essence of man comes out. That’s not 3 words.

What is your weakness?

I’m a pain in the ass.

What is your strength?

I am very nice.

What makes you different?

That I can be both at the same time!

Watch the trailer of the latest movie, Il Falconiere

© Matteo Zoppis. Images courtesy of the artist.

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By Cosima Bucarelli