Luna Park Project – La Grande Ourse

© Luna Park

© Vincent Mauger

I really like the Luna Park project. Curated by Sara Lucas and Guillaume Clermont,  it is the new series of exhibitions at R2D2Bruxelles. La Grands Ourse explores time, sometimes a memorable boredom, sometimes so fast, it is inevitably a face to face with ourselves which it is impossible to escape. As trivial as it could be, waiting is a terrible thing. Given the impossibility of escape, without haste or fear, we think of the day after. Perhaps we had only dreamed this short day, long, slow twilight, the lack of hot coals, snow, cold sky, the impatience of the beast, his groans. But we now know the starry night.

© Pierre-Pol Lecouturier

23 March – 14 April 2012