Who are you?

I am Luna Medina

Where are you from?

I am from Spain, even though I don’t look or act, like it much.

What do you do?

A lot of things, every morning I like to shower and toast a croissant, this is a new thing to me but its quite a tasty treat, the butter is easier to appreciate when you toast the croissant. Also I do illustrations and I have a blog, which is kicking off!

Your style in 3 words?

Probably naïve, sarcastic and personal.

What is your weakness?

My weakness is to roll my eyes at people constantly. I can’t seam to control this, apparently they have classes for that. That’s what I love of New York, you can take classes for anything. You can even get a bachelors degree in fine arts, I mean, really?

What is your strength?

My biggest strength is to fart in concerts and look disapprovingly at other people. (Originally I wrote this as my weakness but it’s a skill, really)

What makes you different?

I have a freckle on my left hand. It’s pretty special. I’m not bragging its just that, most people don’t have freckles on the palm of their hands. It’s really something. To be honest, with age its kind of disappearing, I am considering tattooing it back but I don’t think tattoos have good sepia colour pallets.

Next project?

MY next project is a book that I’m going to self publish. It is a book about accidents and mistakes during my puberty; it’s a graphic novel. Although it is probably not graphic enough to get lots of attention it is still pretty graphic. It will be out by December hopefully!

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by Gabrielle Berlin