Kaspar Felix Lerch
Kaspar Felix Lerch

Where are you from?

I live in Berlin, originally I am from Munich.

What do you do?

I am a filmmaker and photographer.

Your style in 3 words?

Personal, Authentic, True-to-life.

What is your weakness?

I hate waiting, I have to train myself in patience.

What is your strength?

I know what I want.

What makes you different?

I go by my own rules.

A few words about your work?

I love to create and recreate atmospheres and moods with images and music.

What inspires you?

People, Creative Minds, Stories, Music, Travels, Movies

Any new project coming up, you want to tell us about?

I am working on an image film for the Papaya Playa Project by Design Hotels in Mexico at the moment. Lots to do, but very much enjoyable. Also I am putting together a concept for a music video for friends of mine from LA that we want to shoot in January or February in. I want to experiment a lot with different light settings, mainly inspired by French and Italian movies from the 60s and 70s.

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© Kaspar Lerch. Courtesy of the artist.

By Cosima Bucarelli