James White at Project B

You thought these were just black and white photos? Think again…  At Project B in Milan we were quite astonished to notice that behind the perspex boxes hung paintings, not photographs.

White chooses images that capture moments of every-day life, usually objects such as a can, sunglasses, ketchup. He reproduces the quality of a photograph by painting with oil and varnish on birchwood. Seen together White’s hyper-realistic images tell an unfinished story composed of glimpses into his life. They convey a somewhat mysterious mood, a combination of uncertainty and expectation.

At the opening Scilla Ruffo took care of the music, making everyone’s booties shake to a fabulous mix of new and old school tunes. You can listen to her playlists at:


Via Borgonuovo 3 20121 Milano 31- march to 13 – may – 2011

by Cosima Bucarelli