Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017 -
Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017

“Eat healthier and create more art.”


Schirin Moaiyeri




Schirin Moaiyeri Portrait
Schirin Moaiyeri

Who are you? What do you do?

I am a woman who is surviving through photography. At times it is paid and other times, it is for the pure joy of creating photos.

Where are you from?

I am from Hamburg, Germany

Your style in 3 words?

diverse, visual, simple

Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017
Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017

 Your weakness? Your strength?

My weakness would be the fact that I take far too much time to start a thing, my strength is that I never forget to begin it.

What makes you different?

Initially, nothing makes me different. I believe that everyone has tiny differences, and the fun thing is discovering them.

When did you decide to become an artist?

It was never a decision, I simply began.  

Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017___
Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2017

What do you find most fascinating about your work?

I love seeing how an idea becomes reality… I find that super fascinating.

A few words about your favourite creation?

… I feel that my general work is one creation. I strongly believe in the theory that artists are attempting to answer questions important to them, and every creation is an effort to answer them. Though, as there are no satisfying answers to the questions, the artist continues to create in hope.  

Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you…

One of the most significant impacts made upon me was the photographic work by Nan Goldin. I first saw it in a magazine when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. It was then, that I realised, art has a variety of finalised forms; it goes beyond paintings that hang within the galleries and museums.

Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2016
Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2016

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

Yes, I have ideas, and as I believe that everything I do is one creation in a whole, I simply keep creating.  

Finish the sentence „More important than my career is…“ 

…loving the people who surround me, and living a life that will bring happiness when thinking of it in your elderly years.  

2018: Where are we going?

experience and discover more.

When the going gets tough…

…talk to your friends and family about it, ask for help, sharing makes it only half as hard

Your city’s favourite spots?

I love my neighbourhood- Neukölln, and “balcony-watching” sometimes… I like to imagine myself living there.

Do you have a vision?

Getting Famous ! 😀

Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2015
Schirin Moaiyeri Untitled 2015

What would you do if you could change the World?

I would stop the consumption of so much meat, first of all… 

Tell us about your future plans…

Refresh my Spanish language skills, eat healthier and create more art. 

Last but not least: what is your favourite Song?

in the moment its lido pimienta – jardines