clothing made out of cabbage

Henry Hales, a real English country boy is founder of ‘Sirplus’- a label of handcrafted British Menswear. It was very difficult for #Horst und Edeltraut to get in touch with busy Mr. Hales as he is already hard-working for the Christmas Sales. However, we managed to find him to interview him a bit about his work.

So, what do you do?

I run a clothing label called Sir Plus. I sell online and at markets and fairs. Its been going for about 8 months and is so far doing really well.

Tell us something about “Sir Plus”, why the name?

Sir Plus sells waistcoats, boxers, T-shirts, hankies and scarves. All of them are made here in England (mostly London), using off-cuts and surplus fabrics. I get the fabric for my boxers, by going around tailors and buying excess shirting they have left over after an order of shirts. I then use the thin strips of off-cuts for the pockets on my T-shirts and waistcoats.

I chose the name for obvious reasons (Surplus), but often people do come up and ask me if I sell extremely large clothing (plus sized). This doesn’t mean I regret the name; I just have to buy a few more extra-large sizes.

Your style in 3 words?

I find answering this question pretty un-bearable, so I called up my sister to ask her. She said ,”Your style is not over fashionable but you like to look up to date.” Check me out! Basically, I wear the clothes I sell. I’d like to think they’re unique, well made and exciting.

What is your weakness?


People say I’m stubborn (I don’t think I am!)

What is your strength?

Enthusiasm, determination and I’m becoming quite persuasive.

What makes you different?

I spend my days working on markets across London flogging underwear. It’s not the standard career course for a university graduate.

And, please tell us where we can find you in the next few weeks?

The next sale I’m doing in London is on the 26th and the 27th of November in a great place called “The Shop” in Kensal Rise. I’m also doing one on the 6th of December in the Banqueting Hall (Whitehall) and on the 13th in “The Rose” (Fulham). If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I always post where I’m going to be. –

4 Galton Street, London, W104QN

by Gabrielle Berlin