Ida-Marie Corell (IMC) is an artist, musical performer, composer and thinker/synaisthetic* philosopher. Selected works of her collage series NEW YORK 2016 and USA TODAY 2017 will be presented in The Curve. IMC sees her approach to her collage works as a technique of rearranging and/or correcting “realities” by creating collages as a form of synaisthetic paper-surgery. The “other eye”(a reoccurring feature in her works) studies the details of identifications, differences, aisthetics and emotions with a light-hearted subtle critic. It simultaneously keeps track of the overall big picture and therefore offers a new perspective for the viewer. *synaisthetic = interconnected senses     aisthesis = multisensory perception, more than visual

The Curve implicates a slight change of direction. It is a hallway with a twist, with a purpose and with all sorts of angles. Every other month The Curve will function as an unconventional and dynamic exhibition space, where I will showcase works of different COLLAGE artists and their own sense of direction. The Curve is conveniently located in Berlin Mitte between my living room and my kitchen.

© Ida-Marie Corell, USA TODAY 2017
© Ida-Marie Corell, collage series, USA TODAY 2017

The Curve

author: Valerie von Meiss

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