Test mural, © Thomas Trum, 2020

Upcoming exhibitions with Thomas Trum:

Kunsthal light #23  – Repeating Ramp September 12 – January 10, 2021 Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Cubed September 10 – October 11, 2020 The Hole, New York – Featuring: Andreas Angelidakis, Clinton King, Irina Ojovan, Jean Nagai, Jonny Niesche, Kristine Moran, Lilah Rose, Luke Diiorio, Palma Blank, Rebecca Ward, Robert Moreland, and Thomas Trum

Mind the Gap! Zwischen bekannten und neuen Räumen, 6 September 2020 – 11 April 2021, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt – Featuring: Jan van der Ploeg, Marleen Sleeuwits, Esther Stocker, Erika Hock, Annegret Bleisteiner, Marco Casentini, Jacob Dahlgren, Vanessa Henn, Katharina Hinsberg, Markus Krug, Karim Noureldin

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© paper positions, 2020

© paper positions, 2020

paper positions berlin, 10 – 13 September 2020, Tempelhof Airport Hangar 3-4

From 10 – 13 September 2020, during the Berlin Art Week, paper positions berlin presents international exhibitors with outstanding artistic positions from contemporary and modern art with the focus on drawings and the material paper at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 3-4. paper positions berlin wants this special genre to be focused on. The galleries and their artists are given a presentation opportunity, which is dedicated to the subject of drawing and the medium of paper with all its specific features, its fragility and its enormous versatility. In the spirit of its fair concept, which refrains from classic booths and is completely tailor-made for the most sensitive exhibits, paper positions berlin deliberately focuses on a salon-like situation. The limited number of exhibitors also underlines the character of a large theme-based exhibition. The spatial design offers an open overview as well as the possibility to directly approach individual artistic works and to perceive them in a mutual dialogue. Must see: The Curve will be showing works by Anthony Gerace, Diane Meyer and Guy Vording at booth #B05 hangar 4!




Every year during springtime, around 50 galleries open their exhibitions by young and established artists and welcome numerous visitors from all over the world to Berlin. Gallery Weekend Berlin was founded in 2005 as a private initiative by Berlin galleries and soon became one of the highlights of the international art calendar. The weekend celebrates galleries and artists within this unique format providing high-calibre exhibitions and an unparalleled experience of Berlin. Text & more info:



© Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris, Exhibition view, photo credit: Rebecca Fanuele

© Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris, Exhibition view, photo credit: Rebecca Fanuele

This September, Praz-Delavallade is inviting eight artists (Mireille Blanc & Maude Maris) to take over the walls of the gallery, eight figures who generously treat us to their new offerings. Nothing in particular connects them, except perhaps a common need to remind us of the sense of urgency that underlies their inspirations, the vibrant call of a deep, interiorised need that gives pride of place to the power of the imagination. Together they question the very meaning of visible phenomena and the way we apprehend the world. Their art is the echo of this, filtered through the prism of the political, scientific, cultural and ethical values that they defend, as they thumb their noses at the traditional rules of pictorial representation. Above and beyond the aesthetic diversity on display in this exhibition, the dominant value for each of these artists is definitively to be found in their ability to assert their choices. “The object is not to paint life, but to make painting come alive.” (Pierre Bonnard).


DC Open 4 – 6 September 2020

The Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galleries is holding its twelfth edition this year. From September 4 to September 6, fifty galleries will show the year’s exhibition highlights. With the start of the art season in the fall—jointly organized by galleries from Düsseldorf and Cologne—the Rhineland will again become the center for current art events. By its ninth year, the DC Open had already adopted an esteemed program of curator and collector tours in Germany and abroad. DC Open is both a weekend for art-lovers as well as an international meeting point for professional art makers. After twelve years, the DC Open shows that the Rheinland is stronger than ever: fifty galleries, the traditional, liberal community of art collectors, the diversity and number of major museums and institutions, and lively off-spaces all contribute to the acclaim of this art region. Text & more infos:



Alex Jones is an English artist who works on a minimalist aesthetic of stripes, patina and lettering. He plays on word enumerations in order to create fundamentally poetic and contemporary images. The word and the letter are also used for their graphic aspects and their aesthetic values. Alex Jones uses in certain series the frame without canvas as an autonomous pictorial element, quasi-sculptural, which he comes to incise and paint…Text & more info: Tracanelli Gallery, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to


HOCHsommer Kunst Festival, 07.08. – 16.08.2020

Unter dem Namen Hochsommer haben sich 2017 erstmals acht Kunstinstitutionen aus dem Raum Südoststeiermark und dem südlichen Burgenland zusammengeschlossen. Sie alle vereint das Interesse und die Leidenschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst, abseits der Bundeshauptstadt und der Landeshauptstädte.

Hochsommer Festival_alice von alten

2020 geht es nun mit zwölf Kunsträumen in die 4. Runde. Das ganze Programm ist nachzulesen auf Kuratiert von Nicolas Dellamartina, mit Arbeiten von Alice von Alten, Pia Veronica Aström, Maria Chalela-Puccini, Anne Glassner (Foto), Priscilla Hasenböhler und Verena Preininger.


COMMON GROUND – Kurator: Séamus Kealy & das Team des Salzburger Kunstvereins

Salzburger Kunstverein 23.07. – 20.09.2020
Eröffnung: Mi, 22. Juli 2020, 20 Uhr, Verleihung des Förderpreises des Landes Salzburg und des Salzburger Kunstvereins durch Landeshauptmann-Stellvertreter Heinrich Schellhorn

Museumspavillon Mirabellgarten 30.07. – 10.09.2020
Eröffnung: Mi, 29. Juli 2020, 18.30 Uhr

Das Jahr 2020 ist von Unsicherheit und einer globalen Krise gekennzeichnet. Welche Rolle Kunst in Zeiten der Unsicherheit und Krise spielt, kann rückblickend besser beurteilt werden. Gerade zeitgenössische Kunst ist in schwierigen Zeiten relevant. Ausstellungen und Arbeiten aus Krisenzeiten können das Gefühl der Zusammengehörigkeit vermitteln, ein Gefühl, das uns in jüngerer Zeit vielleicht abhandengekommen ist. Das Thema der diesjährigen Jahresausstellung „Common Ground“ behandelt Fragen der Demokratie, Offenheit, Zusammengehörigkeit, des Zusammenlebens und wie wir Nähe zum anderen wiederherstellen können. Die Ausstellung wird im Großen Saal, im Kabinett und in Kooperation im Museumpavillon der Stadt Salzburg gezeigt. Alle Arbeiten stehen zum Verkauf. Die Erlöse gehen zu 100 % an die Künstler_innen: Künstler_innen im Salzburger Kunstverein & Künstler_innen im Museumspavillon


‘Shelters’ by Emma Llorente Palacio

June 25th – September 10th, 2020

In this exhibition, the artist Emma Llorente Palacio shows us the latent power of the perceptive phenomena through her intimate dialogue with the clay. Her work is defined by a deep understanding of life cycles and proposes new ways of recovering the connection with our body in a world that constantly separates us from its rhythms and latencies. This work, exhibited for the first time in Galeria H2O, is based on three series that symbolize how menstruation, pregnancy and the functioning of ovarian reserves operate through the body.

Emma Llorente Palacio, Matrices, 2019. Copyright photo Adam Heffernan

Emma Llorente Palacio, Matrices, 2019. Copyright photo Adam Heffernan

The first proposal, “matrioshkas”, works around the pre-menstrual, menstrual and menopausal periods through a set of ceramic vessels. The second proposal, “sonajeros”, is a claim to the course of time through the ritual of menstrual detachment. Here, thirty-two delicate clay eggs shelter more than four hundred clay eggs with which, moon after moon, life is generated or detached. The last of the series, “matrices”, focuses on the increase of the size of a uterus in nine pauses, from conception to childbirth. The whole exhibition is channelled through sketches, diagrams and reflections to become a journey through the body, the surrender, the detachment, and the flow of life. It is an intuitive and honest dialogue.

Text: Marta Camps Banqué


Solo Exhibition, “Sacred Echoes” at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery

June 8th – July 19th, 2020

“Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is proud to present Sacred Echoes, a solo exhibition of paintings by Natalia Wróbel. This exhibition draws from a range of series created by Wróbel since 2017, allowing for a more holistic look into the artist’s practice, which incorporates mindfulness practices of deep listening and moving meditation that translate visually into her paintings. Much like the way we absorb the compositional elements of music, Wróbel’s paintings offer a synergistic melody when the details come together as a whole. Colors melt seamlessly to harmonize on the canvas, as brushstrokes crescendo across her compositions. Wrobel’s studio research also revolves around a fascination with our sub-molecular reality. She creates paintings that seem to be coming together and breaking apart all at once, mirroring the continual hum of atoms at a sub-molecular level. Her paintings “tap into the foundational rhythm making up our physical reality.”

Copyright © 2020 Natalia Wróbel Studio, All Rights Reserved

This collection of works, Wróbel describes, “are largely inspired by the connection between sound and sight. Many pieces were painted by transmuting the sensations and interpretations of certain compositions into the visual field of a painted image. In this way, the paintings offer a visual translation of the immaterial realm of sound and what exists beyond our physical reality.” The paintings reference many contemporary composers including Arvo Pärt, Phillip Glass, and Hania Rani among others, as well as the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, a longtime favorite of the artist.”