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The time has come…

After literally conquering the world since it started in the nineties Vice has brought out a collection of it’s highlights, at last. Over time everyone from famous photographers, to unknown reporters and known artists or skater kids and freaks of nature have contributed to the creation of this very empire. If you haven’t followed it yet, no worries, you can now buy a best of summary of Vice’s recent years. Expect it to be everything Vice is best known for: politically incorrect, arty, dirty, rude, nude, porn, party, punk, rock’n’roll! Find the most entertaining content that has been featured, from all over the world… An ironic and investigative portrayal of societies’ uncomfortable side!

Translated from the original book The World According to Vice tomorrow, the german version Die Welt von VICE is being launched in Berlin. Be assured that the big bash will be super trash, just the way Vice knows how to do it best!

Die Welt von VICE

Heyne HC

by Cosima Bucarelli