Where to start.. it has been a full couple of days!!! A little photo-diary + a summary of what we did:

For the Biennal pre-opening party X-Restaurant (fabulous view and finally some good food, too) and IKSV Salon were transformed into a club. If we were ever unsure about our dancing skills, we have definitely overcame our insecurities after rocking with this crazy crowd… Biennal-ing the day after we walked over to Istanbul Modern where we very, very, very much enjoyed the permanent exhibition “New Works, New Horizons”, an interesting collection that shows the evolution of turkish modern and contemporary art. At SALT we pondered upon the life-span of art works and humorous art, in a conversation with Bruce Ferguson and the young turkish artist Ahmet Ögüt. The most exiting experience of the entire trip was meeting the President Abdullah Gül and having dinner at his residence overlooking the Bosphorus, wow! Dancing at Lucca, Bird and NuTerrace.

More Biennal, ARTER and wondering around galleries for day3 and more shopping in Galata. Second Chance sells divine but slightly over-priced vintage. The lovely little shop Lunapark has a great selection of Turkish-ness… design objects, traditional products, books or perfumes and creams here you will find a special turkish souvenir with a modern twist! More dinner and dancing at the Elgiz Musuem-party and later on at the very Berlin-style OttoSantral…




Istanbul Modern




by Cosima Bucarelli