Chatelles, Chatelles, Chatelles, and Chatelles this is what you hear at dinner parties, exhibition openings, parties! Many girls have gone mad about these new slippers and can only think about the arrival of their next months salary to be able to purchase their own pair of slippers.

Chatelles are FANTABULOUS as LUNA MEDINA the Illustrator in Chief called it!

As one can choose between various models, can attach their own initials or add a few colorful tassles, every pair becomes individual unique and fun.

Read a little bit more about Chastel’s Chatelles while you contemplate about your next pair of slippers!

Who are you?

Am François, founder of the slippers brand Chatelles

Where are you from?

French-Vietnamese with Belgium roots, born and raised in Paris and lived some years in London.

What do you do?

At the moment I am packing lots of slippers every day and quite enjoying working for the first time in my life, after having been an investment banker for some years

Your style in 3 words?

Simple, efficient, clean

What is your weakness?

I love cheese, good wine and hot girls

What is your strength?

I deliver and I can seriously multitask (I can attach tassels on slippers and bike to the post office everyday!)

What makes you different?

I am committed and I have Luna (she s the best, her sister is called Sol and the two are fabulous) and Anne (my fantastic sista!) on board

How did it all start?

A love story, I fell in love and offered the girl a pair of slippers I designed with a verse by Victor Hugo embossed in the inner sole “I cannot live far away” (left foot)… “from you any longer” (right foot)…. It worked – she felt in love with the shoes, dumped me and left with the slippers.

How did you come up with the name?

Five months of brainstorming and then I finally added a couple of letter to my surname (same pronunciation).

Why do you know that girls love these kind of shoes?

I felt kind of sorry for girls facing the daily dilemna every morning of “will I walk today? do i want to look hot and wear heels or look pretty ugly/boring but comfy and wear ballerinas”? so this is my modest attempt to provide a solution to that serious issue. And its a fact, girls look and feel pretty good in Chatelles slippers.

Who shall wear your shoes?

You and Marion Cottilard would be great – altough she has no idea how to die properly

How did you come up with such a quirky website?

I have been very lucky to find the perfect artist in New York to illustrate the website, Luna, she is the bomb and right out of an Buñuel film and I think it shows in her talent. And then my sister Anne who is also an artist who helps me a lot with her impeccable natural taste and style.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What!? that s a consulting inerview question! No more please I have had enough. But probably swimming in a pool of money with Anne and Luna (it s a joke).

Anything coming up soon?

Winter, so there will be awesome new slippers styles.

More Info

Find out more about Luna the Illustrator here:

And Visit the Chatelles Website here:

by Gabrielle Berlin