Celeste Melisande Sloman

Who are you?

I am Celeste…clearly more expressive with photos than with words!

Where are you from?

I grew up in the east village (NYC) but I am now at university in Scotland studying Art History… final destination unknown!

What do you do?

Right now I am getting my degree and trying to travel as much as possible to take photographs

What is your weakness?

Ebay, film, abandoned buildings, carrot juice

What is your strength?


What makes you different?

I’ve been told I have a unique eye. I guess I am also a photo purist? I don’t like digital photography (even though I do use it sometimes) or Photoshop. I focus on the strength of the image itself, rather than the images’ potential after editing. Set me loose in a grungy place with some film and I’m happy.

When did you discover photography?

Pretty much in utero. My father was a professional commercial photographer when i was growing up, so i have always been surrounded by cameras. I probably started shooting for myself around age 13 or 14

Which camera do you use?

For myself : Leica M6

For others: Canon 5D Mark II

What are your favourite motives?

I usually tend to shoot old, decrepit, and broken things. Also off-centre compositions…

We noticed you are interested in landscapes, what is it you are trying to capture?

I definitely wouldn’t say landscapes are a priority for me. I usually try for tight compositions. If I do shoot a landscape however it means that I was really taken with the weird idiosyncracies of the place.

How do you think about black and white photography?

I love black and white. Full stop. I feel like I even see in black and white when I’m shooting. Color has its place as well, however I would only use color if color was, in itself, my focus. Otherwise I find color too messy…it distracts from the composition itself. Also the grain of black and white has a kind of texture and moodiness that is lacking with color film

Anything coming up soon?

It is difficult living in St Andrews because there is literally nothing to shoot here! However my flatmate, Toby Marsh, and I are in the process of a collaboration; designing a set of tarot cards (using my photographs and his illustrations)!  Aside from that I will be heading back to NYC to intern this summer so will hopefully find something interesting to shoot there until I can travel again!


by Gabrielle Berlin

Photography © Celeste Sloman