As if the art world wasn’t talking about our beloved Berlin enough already… The coming weekend has been on everyone’s mouth for weeks! Besides spring’s Gallery Weekend (read a couple of advice we gave for last years edition), which is running from friday 27th to sunday 29th of April, the 7th Berlin Biennale will be opening it’s doors to the public during the exact same dates.

“Does contemporary art have any visible social impact? Can the effects of an artist’s work be seen and verified? Does art have any political significance – besides serving as a whipping boy for various populists? Is it possible to engage in a discussion with art – and is it worth doing so? Most of all, why are questions of this kind viewed as a blow against the very essence of art?”

The polish artist Artur Żmijewski’s position on social activism, from his manifesto The Applied Social Arts was the departure point for the theme of the 7th Berlin Biennale. Organised by the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and curated by Żmijewski himself together with Joanna Warsza and the russian art collective Voina, the 2012 Biennale edition’s message will be even more than the previous, one of art and politics. At least so they say.


The works have begun… In the courtyard of KW a huge key is getting fixed and put into place. The Key Of Return, as it is called, was borrowed for the biennial from the Aida Refugee Community near Bethlehem and arrived this morning!

By Cosima Bucarelli