Stitching Petals to Lead by Gobscure

gobscure, _STITCHING PETALS TO LEAD_ (film still), 2016 © ALMA ZEVI / Fokidos

ALMA ZEVI and Fokidos are delighted to announce Gobscure’s first exhibition in Greece, co-inciding with the opening of documenta 14. 

” Self-taught artist / performer / writer with international reputation. part of mad studies north-east collective promoting debate and creative resistances around mental distress. active in disability arts, theyve created many significant and innovative works around their lived experience whilst exploring a much wider range of themes appealing to wide audiences. working outside categories using theatre / performance /  film / photography /  sound-art / written and spoken word / visual poetry / installation and online to challenge ownership of narratives, regularly challenging psychiatry – privileged storytelling not science-based on history as psychiatric survivor.” Read more

gobscure, _STITCHING PETALS TO LEAD_ (film still), 2016 ©ALMA ZEVI

gobscure, _STITCHING PETALS TO LEAD_ (film still), 2016 © ALMA ZEVI / Fokidos

ALMA ZEVI is a gallery active in Venice (Italy) and Celerina (Switzerland). Fokidos is an artist-led space in Athens, run by artist Sofia Stevi. ALMA ZEVI has worked with Sofia Stevi for a number of years, most recently showing her work in Celerina in the summer of 2016.   

2nd April 2017 — 28th May 2017

Opening On The 1st Of April, 8 – 10 Pm
Live Performance By Gobscure At 9pm Sharp

Fokidos 21
Ampelokipi, 11526
Athens, Greece

Text: Alma Zevi / Fokidos 21